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Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetery
South Main Street, Lexington, VA 24450

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This census of the graves in the Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetery is in itself a memorial to all those interred therein who deserve to be remembered not so much by their monuments as by their role and contributions however large or small to our present society.

Thomas Kastner
NameBirth DateDeath DateVeteranSpouseChildrenOccupationSectionLotSpacePhoto(s)
?, Harriet JJanuary 7, 1939Lewis11
Abbe, Loren L.June 28, 1929December 13, 1998Korea USMCLillian M. AbbeBradley Abbe, Monica FogelbundDirector of Office Systems IBM, retiredMcCoy265Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Aberg, Mary MarthaOctober 28, 1919February 6, 2012New Bacon417A3Photo Available
Aberg, Walter C.August 19, 1918New Bacon417A3Photo Available
Ackerly, Conna WhiteMay 18, 1862December 23, 1948Hopkins5822Photo Available
Ackerly, Eugene GlasgowJuly 11, 1903April 24, 1971M. Colleen Clemmer AckerlyHopkins5828Photo Available
Ackerly, Frank DouglasMay 13, 1911June 30, 1911Hopkins5825Photo Available
Ackerly, George W.March 30, 1832June 30, 1871CSAWhite1171
Ackerly, John Paul Jr.December 28, 1899November 1, 1954New Bacon457A2Photo Available
Ackerly, John Paul Sr.18501927Hopkins5821Photo Available
Ackerly, Kate ThelmaOctober 17, 1895February 7, 1897infantHopkins5824Photo Available
Ackerly, Lucy PaulineNovember 8, 1892November 17, 1987AuthorHopkins5829Photo Available
Ackerly, Marguerite ClarksonApril 2, 1905May 16, 2004New Bacon457A3Photo Available
Ackerly, William WhiteJune 15, 1890August 9, 1968Judge, Commonwealth Attorney RockbridgeHopkins5823Photo Available
Adair, Agnes Parr18931986TeacherLewis1894.5Photo Available
Adair, Anna H.March 26, 1880Lewis2530Photo Available
Adair, Bessie Lee18791962Lewis1891Photo Available
Adair, Edwin GrahamOctober 21, 1894November 21, 1953New Bacon3953Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Adair, Evelyn ComanSeptember 6, 1895June 29, 1968Campbell and Glover512Photo Available
Adair, Ida Lee18571930Lewis1893Photo Available
Adair, James Malcom DDS22 November 1890November 12, 1943Campbell and Glover511Photo Available
Adair, James Malcom JrSeptember 9, 1926April 8, 1956Campbell and Glover513Photo Available
Adair, James McDowell18521935Lewis1894Photo Available
Adair, Lottie SpeckSeptember 24, 1888March 4, 1984New Bacon3954Photo Available
Adair, Mable W.18891970New Bacon3951Photo Available
Adair, McDowell18811882childLewis1892Photo Available
Adair, Nancy H.N/AApril 22, 1863White7A4Photo Available
Adair, Sally M.N/ASeptember 26, 1859White7A5Photo Available
Adair, Templeton18821952PhysicianLewis1895Photo Available
Adair, William A.June 6, 1878September 27, 1945New Bacon3952Photo Available
Adams, Charles HastyN/AJuly 17, 1879ChildWhite8A1Photo Available
Adams, Chas A.August 10, 1830July 23, 1909White576Photo Available
Adams, GeorgeFebruary 28, 1850April 12, 1852ChildWhite11A1
Adams, Hubbard18921960HopkinsPhoto Available
Adams, JaneMay 1837August 1912White578Photo Available
Adams, Laura W.April 8, 1904April 2, 1971Bacon62Photo Available
Adams, Lewis W.19041971May Davidson AdamsDean of Commerce W&LBacon628Photo Available
Adams, Lorenzo A.18801927Hopkins5945Photo Available
Adams, Mamie P.18831928Hopkins5946Photo Available
Adams, Maxine D.19151998Charles HayslettCampbell and Glover126Photo Available
Adams, May DavidsonJune 11, 1904May 18, 1993Lewis W. AdamsBacon627Photo Available
Adams, Olin B.March 7, 1915January 23, 2002Campbell and Glover126Photo Available
Adams, Ruth Taylor ThomasMarch 15, 1918June 23, 1992O. H. AdamsNew Bacon2803Photo Available
Adams, Virginia MayN/AMay 20, 1878ChildWhite8A1Photo Available
Adams, William HunterSeptember 27, 1940February 22, 2014New Bacon2805
Adams, Willie C.18791952w/o Hubbard AdamsHopkins
Adkins, Irene G.October 2, 1901September 30, 1957NurseBacon117-B1
Agner, AndrewApril 2, 1815November 3, 1883Lena E. AgnerLewis2561Photo Available
Agner, LeelaMarch 20, 1905April 26, 1905Hopkins 5122
Agner, Lena E.July 12, 1812July 18, 1902Lewis2561Photo Available
Agner, Mary J.March 28, 1846May 9, 1875Lewis2561EPhoto Available
Agner, Samuel McDowellSeptember 13, 1845January 27, 1882Lewis2561EPhoto Available
Agnew, Jean Cameron18771955Henry D. AgnewLewis2424
Agnor Guy Byer SrJune 6, 1897April 9, 1986Campbell and Glover181Photo Available
Agnor infant girl1905Lewis4391Photo Available
Agnor, A S April 7, 1866May 23, 1930Lewis4383
Agnor, Albert S.November 11, 1907April 13, 1988New Bacon691Photo Available
Agnor, Annetta WebbAugust 30, 1930October 18, 1965Campbell and Glover57A3
Agnor, Annie JoeMay 3, 1926August 19, 1940New Bacon2923Photo Available
Agnor, Burton E.August 8, 1910February 27, 1987Lewis311A5Photo Available
Agnor, Charles WilliamSeptember 24,1895August 1, 1963Campbell and Glover23B5Photo Available
Agnor, Clelia DonaldNovember 2, 1903January 30, 1995Campbell and Glover23B2Photo Available
Agnor, David V.March 19, 1841August 28, 1910Lewis311A1WPhoto Available
Agnor, Elizabeth BoogherMarch 18, 1877December 13, 1964Lewis438Photo Available
Agnor, Emmett M.October 26, 1896November 15, 1976Mausoleum53
Agnor, Evelyn E.19111977Hopkins5737Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Agnor, FrancesMay 30, 1911February 24, 2010Hopkins5603
Agnor, George AbnerSeptember 24, 1871November 27, 1937Hopkins5731Photo Available
Agnor, George DennyNovember 14, 1917October 6, 1976WW II USAHopkins5733Photo Available
Agnor, George M.18541924Hopkins5316Photo Available
Agnor, George W.6/13/184203/12/1913HopkinsPhoto AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Agnor, Gertrude (Gertie) IrvineSeptember 23, 1885February 15, 1913W.M. AgnorLewis311A1E & 3Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Agnor, Gilmore Leech18991988Campbell and Glover312Photo Available
Agnor, Guy B JrNovember 30, 1929May 26, 1996Campbell and Glover57A2Photo Available
Agnor, Harry BruceApril 2, 1887December 21, 1962New Bacon2921Photo Available
Agnor, Helen BarbaraMarch 4, 1923March 7, 1927childCampbell and Glover314Photo Available
Agnor, Herbert EmoryNovember 17, 1897December 6, 1956Lewis4386Photo Available
Agnor, J.O.July 2, 1888February 13, 1912Railroad workerLewis2553Photo Available
Agnor, Joseph MageeApril 8, 1924March 1984Lewis4382
Agnor, Joseph SN/AAugust 9, 1856ChildWhite6A10Photo Available
Agnor, June S.June 11, 1923March 27, 2001New Bacon416
Agnor, Lieuelah18521931Hopkins5317Photo Available
Agnor, Lula AyresMarch 17, 1886February 11, 1966Hopkins5732Photo Available
Agnor, Lycia BiddleDecember 12, 1900July 7, 1989Campbell and Glover314Photo Available
Agnor, Mabel SteeleSeptember 19, 1889April 15, 1982New Bacon412Photo Available
Agnor, Margaret C.September 8, 1908October 19, 1976New Bacon459B6Photo Available
Agnor, Martha E18391906Lewis4382
Agnor, Martha Louise19061925Campbell and Glover317Photo Available
Agnor, Mary E.18481899Wm. C. AgnorLewis2552Photo Available
Agnor, Mary Elizabeth DyerApril 14, 1869October 30, 1941Campbell and Glover316Photo Available
Agnor, Mary M.July 1, 1900February 7, 1996Mausoleum54
Agnor, Nancy MorrisJuly 10, 1880March 26, 1957New Bacon2922Photo Available
Agnor, Nettie LorenaJune 15, 1894February 13, 1974New Bacon4372Photo Available
Agnor, Opal NicholsSeptember 21, 1912April 21, 1991New Bacon692Photo Available
Agnor, Robert CalvinMay 4, 1868April 1, 1947Campbell and Glover315Photo Available
Agnor, Robert Reid SrSeptember 26, 1895April 17, 1957WW I USANew Bacon411Photo Available
Agnor, Roger W.January 7, 1905March 31, 1987WW II USAHopkins5735Photo Available
Agnor, Russell StuartApril 2, 1887January 22, 1948New Bacon4371Photo Available
Agnor, Ruth Lackey19001980Campbell and Glover182Photo Available
Agnor, Ruth MorrisSeptember 4, 1904June 18, 1979Lewis4387Photo Available
Agnor, Sallie AgnesMarch 21, 1873March 1, 1956Lewis5692Photo Available
Agnor, Sarah E.04/04/186602/07/1909HopkinsPhoto AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Agnor, Sarah Margaret19031927Campbell and Glover318
Agnor, Susan E WilmoreFebruary 26, 1869February 17, 1936Lewis4384Photo Available
Agnor, Thomas B18351921Lewis4381
Agnor, Thomas E.May 15, 1893March 29, 1947WWIHopkins5392Photo Available
Agnor, Walter CalvinApril 11, 1957InfantCampbell and Glover57A4
Agnor, William C.18471915Mary E. NicelyLewis2551Photo Available
Agnor, William HarryMarch 29, 1867March 14, 1924Lewis4393Photo Available
Agnor, William LeonOctober 31, 1913July 3, 1957New Bacon4373
Agnor, William M.April 28, 1884Ocober 28, 1947Lewis311A6Photo Available
Agnor, William TaylorJune 1, 1884December 12, 1956Lewis5691Photo Available
Ainsworth, Ben P.July 26, 1884February 28, 1957Bacon751Photo Available
Ainsworth, Ben P. Jr19141917B.P. and Emily AinsworthChildBacon754Photo Available
Ainsworth, Billy B.Mar 18, 1916Dec 8, 1916B.P. and Emily AinsworthChildBacon753Photo Available
Ainsworth, Edward Robinson1913January 1980WW II Korea USANew Bacon250A4Photo Available
Ainsworth, Emily Taylor RobinsonAugust 17, 1890April 5, 1937B. P. AinsworthBacon752Photo Available
Akins, Robert E.March 13, 1946November 3, 2004Sarah K. WiantYeager721
Alavanja, August B.December 3, 1914December 28, 2001Mausoleum63Photo Available
Alavanja, GoldieAugust 8, 1913February 11, 2006Mausoleum64Photo Available
Alexander, Agnes AnnN/AOctober 11, 1825William AlexanderWhite2A178Photo Available
Alexander, AndrewApril 13, 1768February 5, 1844White2A180Photo Available
Alexander, Ann DandridgeN/AJuly 10, 1818Andrew AlexanderWhite2A179Photo Available
Alexander, Anna ElizabethApril 3, 1888December 8 1903Lewis3458Photo Available
Alexander, ArchibaldJune 3, 1826November 7, 1911White476
Alexander, AyletteN/AJanuary 3, 1848White2A181Photo Available
Alexander, ElizabethN/AAugust 4, 1870Major John AlexanderWhite4711Photo Available
Alexander, Elizabeth JMay 2, 1823April 23, 1908White477Photo Available
Alexander, James PattonFebruary 15, 1887August 23, 1944Campbell and Glover195Photo Available
Alexander, JohnN/ANovember 10, 1853Elizabeth AlexanderMajorWhite4710Photo Available
Alexander, John GibsonMay 26, 1861March 8, 1925Campbell and Glover191Photo Available
Alexander, John McDFebruary 27, 1827May 18, 1906White4713Photo Available
Alexander, Louise HoustonMay 18, 1901July 7, 1990Campbell and Glover196Photo Available
Alexander, Mart PattonJune 25, 1885July 15, 1943Campbell and Glover192
Alexander, Mary McCAugust 4, 1817December 29, 1893White479Photo Available
Alexander, Sally RJuly 31, 1825March 5, 1909A AlexanderWhite473Photo Available
Alexander, WilliamN/AJune 1796Agnes Ann AlexanderWhite2A177Photo Available
Alexander, William LN/AJanuary 18, 1897White478Photo Available
Allan, Elizabeth RandolphApril 20, 1887January 5, 1891ChildWhite4A40
Allan, Louisa Garnett Purcell18841974New Bacon367B6Photo Available
Allan, WilliamAugust 14, 1881April 24, 1943WW I USANew Bacon367B5Photo Available
Allen, Alice HiteSeptember 25, 1881January 25, 1962ExcellentNew Bacon4562Photo Available
Allen, Edward JarmanMay 17, 1871March 9, 1959New Bacon4541Photo Available
Alnutt, Laura BurksMarch 20,1918January 28,1991Lewis219-209.6
Alphin, Henry ArthurApril 30, 1900June 19, 1969Bacon84B3Photo Available
Alphin, LenaFebruary 14, 1888Lewis2882Photo Available
Alphin, Ruth LeeMarch 16, 1902November 3, 1991Bacon84B4Photo Available
Ammen, Samuel ZenasOctober 22, 1843January 5, 1929White126.51Photo Available
Ammen, Sarah F.18871980William W AmmenWhite126.52Photo Available
Ammen, William W18841945Sarah F. AmmenWhite126.52Photo Available
Amole, Annie M. nonenoneHopkinsPhoto Available
Amole, Ernest HarryApril 3, 1884February 18, 1968Campbell and Glover264Photo Available
Amole, Ida J. Shewey18581940James Porter AmoleHopkins5121Photo Available
Amole, James P.18581940Ida J. Shewey AmoleHopkins5121Photo Available
Amole, Jessie LackeyAugust 5, 1887February 19, 1968Campbell and Glover26A5Photo Available
Amole, Lester MurreyDecember 4, 1920September 4, 1923childCampbell and Glover26A3
Amole, Lucy VarnerJune 17, 1875June 28, 1944Lewis4235Photo Available
Amole, Sallie R.nonenoneHopkinsPhoto Available
Anderson, Ala C.June 19,1880June 15,1899Lewis202-35
Anderson, Alexander KerrSeptember 24, 1858April 21, 1948Lewis2536Photo Available
Anderson, Anne CarringtonOctober 18,1874November 21,1896Lewis219-205
Anderson, Arthur C.February 22, 1925November 15, 2006New Bacon1334Photo Available
Anderson, Benjamin Norwood Jr.November 13, 1924October 25, 1990WW IIRuby Connor AndersonPhysicianYeager44Photo Available
Anderson, Bettie GrayMarch 18, 1886Auguist 25, 1903Hopkins5191WPhoto Available
Anderson, Edward M.March 9, 1885August 25, 1905Hopkins5191SPhoto Available
Anderson, Edward W.November 19, 1859February 14, 1928Mary T. SilerStone cutterHopkins5191WPhoto Available
Anderson, Eliza Wilkins BruceLewis219-205
Anderson, Elizabeth M.May 22, 1935November 25, 1985New Bacon1333Photo Available
Anderson, Ellen Graham15 January 1872William A. AndersonLewis219-2022
Anderson, Fanny M.December 21,1836November 11,1925Lewis219-209.5
Anderson, Florine E.January 27, 1907May 8, 1992New Bacon1061Photo Available
Anderson, Frances T.December 11,1808November 30, 1887Mary Ann AlexanderLewis219-209
Anderson, French Blackley188503/28/1976Wife of Stewart W.New Bacon484C2Photo Available
Anderson, Harry GrahamFebruary 11, 1880Lewis2074
Anderson, infantJanuary 8, 1868January 8, 1868Lewis2072
Anderson, Isabella WebsterJanuary 30, 1888January 6, 1984Lewis5714Photo Available
Anderson, James AylorDecember 26, 1892November 16, 1964Lewis5713Photo Available
Anderson, James Heiskell VenableOctober 28, 1888July 9, 1889ChildLewis2531EPhoto Available
Anderson, John R.November 27, 1828January 14, 1898Lewis2531EPhoto Available
Anderson, Joseph B. MDFebruary 17, 1907July 7,1990New Bacon1061Photo Available
Anderson, Judith Nicoll B.18841960Lewis219-2921
Anderson, Kittie JaneOctober 6, 1844June 14, 1917Hopkins5201WPhoto Available
Anderson, M. Hanna BuchananAugus 23, 1838April 25, 1895J.D. AndersonLewis2071
Anderson, Martha A. HeiskelJuly 27, 1827June 10, 1914John R. AndersonLewis2531EPhoto Available
Anderson, Mary Ann Alexander18061881Frances T. AndersonDau. F.M. AndersonLewis219-209
Anderson, Mary BlainMarch 6, 1872May 23, 1872Lewis2073
Anderson, Mary E.February 6, 1846January 30, 1904Hopkins5201NPhoto Available
Anderson, Mary J.June 6, 1824November 12, 1904Meredith AndersonHopkins5191EPhoto Available
Anderson, Mary Louise BlairMay 17, 1849January 25 1923Wm A. AndersonLewis219-2014
Anderson, Mary P.July 25, 1867March 25, 1885Lewis2531WPhoto Available
Anderson, Mollie SilerAugust 29, 1862July 14, 1933Edward W. AndersonHopkins5191WPhoto Available
Anderson, RebekahAugust 9, 1827April 20, 1915White2A43
Anderson, Rose C. BruceJanuary 29,18541859F.T. Anderson JrLewis219-203
Anderson, Sarah Terrel BushnellMarch 17 1889August 15, 1963William Andrew AndersonLewis219-208
Anderson, Stewart Wise188607/26/1970Husband of French B.New Bacon484C1Photo Available
Anderson, ThomasN/AMarch 28, 1824White2A12Photo Available
Anderson, Virginia I.April 3, 1853July 22, 1906Hopkins5201SPhoto Available
Anderson, William A. L.18351912Hopkins5201EPhoto Available
Anderson, William AlexanderMay 11,1842June 21 1931CSALawyer Atty Gen. VALewis219-2013
Anderson, William AndrewJanuary 24,1884May 24, 1948Sarah Terrel Bushwell AndersonEducatorLewis219-208
Anderson, William Dandridge AlexanderJanuary 6, 18__July 18,1934Col.USALewis219-2012
Anspach, Allie WaddellNovember 28,1866December 13, 1959Samuel Garland AnspachLewis2707.5Photo Available
Antrim, Sarah S.N/AJanuary 11, 1871C. W AntriumWhite411Photo Available
Archer, Edgar1889December 24, 1941New Bacon2442Photo Available
Archer, Elizabeth ShippMarch 4, 1928February19, 1992Campbell and Glover72B4
Archer, Ellis IrvingMay 6, 1902New Bacon2446Photo Available
Archer, Harry Joseph JrJuly 17, 1929January 21, 1989Campbell and Glover72B3
Archer, Marie G.October 20 1888October 16, 1968New Bacon2445Photo Available
Archer, Rose Alexander Ellis18571940New Bacon2441Photo Available
Archer, Rose EllisNovember 30, 1886October 5, 1942New Bacon2444Photo Available
Argenbright, J. F.March 26, 1848February 9, 1922Sarah E. ArgenbrightLewis3041N
Argenbright, Sarah E.December 20, 1850February 12, 1912J. F. ArgenbrightLewis3041SPhoto Available
Armentrout, Clarence W.August 27, 1913April 29, 1990Ollie T. ArmentroutKenneth Armentrout, Phyllis Smith, Beverly ArmentroutConstruction Crew Foreman, retiredMcCoy86Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Armentrout, Ollie T.March 20, 1915February 23, 1988Clarence W. ArmentroutKenneth Armentrout, Phyllis Smith, Beverly ArmentroutMcCoy85Photo Available
Armstrong, Dorothy F.03/12/192404/07/1975New Bacon491A3Photo Available
Armstrong, Elsie Lillian Reid08/17/190008/05/1986Hopkins616B9
Armstrong, Hampton W.October 13, 1894January 16, 1962WW I USACampbell and Glover73C6Photo Available
Armstrong, Hattie Ayers04/25/190305/24/1996FNew Bacon489A2Photo Available
Armstrong, Kate HowardN/AOctober 3, 1850ChildWhite15A2
Armstrong, Kenton W.July 22,m 1923February 9, 1951WW II KoreaCampbell and Glover73C5Photo Available
Armstrong, Lubie L.03/11/189511/11/1981US Army 1916-1947New Bacon489A1Photo Available
Armstrong, Lucy EllenOctober 8, 1890November 0, 1968Campbell and Glover73C7Photo Available
Armstrong, Merle A.August 5, 1921April 13=4, 1990Campbell and Glover73C8Photo Available
Armstrong, Nathan R.07/28/193505/26/1945Hopkins616B7
Armstrong, Palmer E.05/02/191803/21/2007US Army WW IIInterred at Central Advent Christian CemeteryNew Bacon491A0Photo Available
Armstrong, William Mac9/11/189703/04/1983Hopkins616B8
Arpia, Minnie8/2/189108/03/1942Hopkins6152
Arpia, Ronaldnone1938Hopkins6154
Arpia, Sam18801939Hopkins6151
Arthur, Ada M1879December 23, 1963New Bacon3262Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Arthur, Alonzo F.21-Jan-188507/26/1958Hopkins6298
Arthur, J. M. 18421936Hopkins6291
Arthur, James RAugust 1, 1863April 5, 1941New Bacon3261Photo Available
Arthur, Ruth EllinMay 1900Nov 1900Hopkins6296
Arthur, Susan Alice3/6/188906/29/1941Hopkins6292
Ashburne William W.December 20, 1907December 14, 1944New Bacon2797Photo Available
Ashburne, infantOctober 8, 1951New Bacon2796
Ashburne, Margaret ZollmanNovember 4, 1888December 21, 1969New Bacon2796Photo Available
Ashburne, Rubie C.April 20, 1904September 27, 1966New Bacon2798Photo Available
Ashburne, William J.February 25, 1881November 13, 1957New Bacon2795Photo Available
Ashley, George D.11/25/191207/25/1983PVT US ArmyNew Bacon480C2Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Ashley, Louise B.1917noneNew Bacon480C3Photo Available
Atthowe, Reginald Jr.October 8, 1915August 6, 2002Elizabeth Myers AtthoweYeager324Photo Available
Austin, Francis HanfordJune 23, 1908July 29, 1961Margaret PowersAustinSalesman, ContractorBacon657Photo Available
Austin, Margaret PowersApril 3, 1905November 14, 1981Francis H. AustinClerkBacon658Photo Available
Ax, Anna BredenMay 17, 1876June 18, 1959Bacon19A4Photo Available
Ax, George BredenDecember 15, 1911June 17, 1990Bacon19A1Photo Available
Ax, Katherine MaeNovember 16, 1914December 5, 2012Bacon19A2Photo Available
Ayers, George D18551916Hopkins5567Photo Available
Ayers, Harry A.May 12, 1912December 8, 1954Bacon861Photo Available
Ayers, Nancy D1867June 20, 1933Hopkins5568Photo Available
Ayres, Erskine A.188001/18/1943Hopkins6644Photo Available
Ayres, Flora LeeAugust 30, 1860July 1, 1901Hopkins5692Photo Available
Ayres, Hannah MaryAugust 30, 1837February 20, 1879A.G. AyersLewis1468Photo Available
Ayres, JerryN/AAugust 2, 1946infantLewis1813Photo Available
Ayres, Leola V.19061943Hopkins5122Photo Available
Ayres, Madison P.December 27, 1825December 30, 1875White32Photo Available
Ayres, Martha E.October 27, 1846October 3, 1875White35Photo Available
Ayres, Mary ElizabethFebruary 2, 1872April 15, 1946White38Photo Available
Ayres, Mattie Ellen5/16/188604/30/1942Hopkins6645Photo Available
Ayres, Ollie May07/10/190311/22/1971New Bacon497B3Photo Available
B. R. H.18281868White1325
Bachman, Hettie D RobertsonSeptember 15,1902April 3,1992New Bacon399B7Photo Available
Bachtell Elizabeth CatherineOctober 1, 1858February 21, 1924Lewis2963Photo Available
Bachtell, Annie MintonMarch 22, 1926October 14, 2003Nurse Lewis2967Photo Available
Bachtell, George Samuel BooneNovember 3, 1856January 24, 1930Lula Wilmore BachtellLewis2965Photo Available
Bachtell, LinfordDecember 22, 1823August 9, 1892Martha Armentrout BachtellLewis2961Photo Available
Bachtell, Linford BooneOctober 30, 1924August 26, 1982Lewis2968Photo Available
Bachtell, Lula WilmoreMay 18, 1885April 26, 1969George Samuel Boone BachtellLewis2966Photo Available
Bachtell, Martha JaneNovember 16, 1818May 2, 1904Linford BachtellLewis2962Photo Available
Bachtell, Mary MaggieAugust 2, 1865childLewis2964
Bacon, A. Sidney18151890Cornelia BaconWhite1254Photo Available
Bacon, A.S.N/AN/AWhite1243Photo Available
Bacon, BettieN/ADecember 12, 1852ChildWhite14A15Photo Available
Bacon, Cornelia Lewis18241888A. Sidney BaconWhite1253Photo Available
Bacon, Jennie OvertonSeptember 4, 1856June 5, 1941White1244Photo Available
Bacon, JuliaN/ADecember 3, 1852ChildWhite14A15
Bacon, P. Sidney18581883White1255Photo Available
Bacon, Wm. Lewis18541919White1256Photo Available
Badgett, Frances Denton05/15/190710/31/1970New Bacon492C2Photo Available
Badgett, Varnell Gibson "Varny"12/11/193202/13/2015New Bacon492C4Photo Available
Bailey, Katie WhitmoreOctober 16, 1911July 15, 1995Bacon531Photo Available
Bailey, Lee KennethApril 3, 1905April 4, 1996Bacon531Photo Available
Baker, ElizabethDecember 19, 1835June 10, 1850White12A1Photo Available
Baker, George A.October 27, 1874November 16, 1917White12A2Photo Available
Baker, George FrederickNovember 5, 1892February 8, 1963Mary Susan Milligan BakerNew Bacon315B5Photo Available
Baker, Irvine C.June 26, 1907April 19, 1974New Bacon1091
Baker, Mary RuffMay 8, 1887February 22, 1960Mowbray BaberNew Bacon2817Photo Available
Baker, Mary Susan MilliganJune 4, 1895March 20, 1941George Frederick BakerNew Bacon315B6Photo Available
Baker, Phyllis ThomasFebruary 27, 1911April 1, 1982New Bacon1093
Baldwin, Howard M.September 22, 1928February 15, 2000Willie Bell BaldwinKathy D. Morton, Linda D. Hise, Connie Baldwin, Sandy Baldwin, Timothy, HowardYeager157Photo Available
Balser, Baxter Buddabt 188905/05/1973Hopkins6329
Banker, Mary M.February 26, 1882Van R. BankerLewis3051Photo Available
Barcena, John H.7/23/189708/19/1967Hopkins6084
Barclay, Alexander TedfordApril 5, 1797September 4, 1848Polly Stuart Barclay, Mary E. BarclayWhite2A118Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Barclay, Alexander tedford18471920Lewis4084
Barclay, Anne HowellN/AN/ALewis1677Photo Available
Barclay, Anne Howell RuffnerMarch 30, 1854December 30, 1910Howard W BarclayLewis1673Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Barclay, Archibald H.N/ASeptember 12, 1859White2A116Photo Available
Barclay, David MooreMarch 20, 1877January 25, 1947Lewis4083Photo Available
Barclay, Eleanor Hays18691916Carl ScholzLewis2064
Barclay, Elihu, H.February 9, 1846February 8, 1942CSASarah M. Rowanco-owner of Rockbridge CitizenLewis2061
Barclay, Elizabeth BApril 24, 1923June 26, 2007Lewis40810
Barclay, Elizabeth HarveySeptember 28, 1882October 26, 1960Lewis4086
Barclay, Elizabeth WilliamsMarch 18, 1824November 18, 1904CSAJ. W. BarclaySallie Railey, Howard W. Barclay, Jennie Hopkins, John Barclay Jr.White5A16
Barclay, Evelyn HenningDecember 17, 1872March 12, 1955Campbell and Glover698Photo Available
Barclay, Grace DelDecember 25, 1894February 5 1992Lewis5614Photo Available
Barclay, Hannah M.February 8, 1830July 31, 1831ChildWhite2A10Photo Available
Barclay, Horace A.N/AAugust 27, 1837ChildWhite2A11Photo Available
Barclay, Howard WilliamsSeptember 22, 1854October 20, 1923Anne Ruffner, Evelyn DenningTeacher, EngineerWhite5A15
Barclay, HughJanuary 30, 1799December 18, 1870Mary BarclayMerchantWhite5A13
Barclay, James PaxtonOctober 25, 1886June 16, 1955Lewis5614Photo Available
Barclay, Jane AnnFebruary 24, 1828July 31, 1847White5A9
Barclay, John WoodsJanuary 24, 1823January 11, 1907Elizabeth Williams BarclaySallie Railey, Howard W. Barclay, Jennie Hopkins, John Barclay Jr.Merchant, FarmerWhite5A16
Barclay, John Woods JrDecember 16, 1861December 15, 1905CSA Brig GenKate May Rogers BarcalyMercantile BusinessmanWhite5A17
Barclay, Kate May RogersNovember 24, 1858May 25, 1902CSAJohn Woods Barclay Jr.White5A17
Barclay, Lillian HNovember 10, 1886February 12, 1971Lewis4082Photo Available
Barclay, MaryNovember 4, 1801September 26, 1855Hugh BarclayWhite5A11
Barclay, Mary E.June 11, 1810November 30, 1883Alexander Tedford BarclayWhite2A118Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Barclay, Mary PaxtonFebruary 14, 1881November 8, 1960Lewis4087
Barclay, Polly StuartJuly 4, 1802December 6, 1829Alexander Tedford BarclayWhite2A123
Barclay, Sarah M. RowanFebruary 18, 1839January 16, 1907Elihu H. BarclayLewis2061
Barclay, Virginia Moore18471920Lewis4085
Barclay, William HoustonDecember 27, 1889January 2, 1966Lewis4081Photo Available
Barclay, William P.N/AMarch 4, 1841ChildWhite2A121Photo Available
Barden, Isobel PullenJune 22, 1910October 30, 1972Bacon347Photo Available
Bare, AdamApril 26, 1836August 4, 1910CSADorothy Raeder BareLewis2751
Bare, AdamNovember 18, 1907April 19, 1983New Bacon4604Photo Available
Bare, Adeline D.July 21, 1917January 19, 2001Campbell and Glover83Photo Available
Bare, Clelia MooreOctober 6, 1903October 12, 1991New Bacon4603Photo Available
Bare, Cottie W.February 13, 1895February 26, 1976Campbell and Glover82Photo Available
Bare, Dorothy RaederDecember 8, 1839January 30, 1914Adam BareLewis2751
Bare, Ernest N.March 26, 1897September 18, 1985Campbell and Glover81Photo Available
Bare, Grace MooreJuly 17, 1879May 19, 1961New Bacon4602Photo Available
Bare, infant sonNovember 21, 1901July 25, 1902J. M. and J. T. BarechildLewis2754Photo Available
Bare, James W.September 3, 1919August 2, 2012Campbell and Glover83Photo Available
Bare, Jessie V.185705/22/1943Hopkins6405Photo Available
Bare, John MillerFebruary 14, 1869October 21, 1941Virginia TankersleyLewis2757
Bare, Laura W WhitmoreApril 11, 1886February 11, 1939New Bacon3593Photo Available
Bare, Mae D.May 30, 1907October 11, 1996New Bacon4605Photo Available
Bare, MargaretOctober 12, 1870November 14, 1885Lewis2755S
Bare, Mary E.18641931Hopkins6404Photo Available
Bare, RaderFebruary 18, 1881July 26, 1950New Bacon3591Photo Available
Bare, ReubenJuly 3, 1878January 6, 1958New Bacon4601Photo Available
Bare, SusanJune 15, 1872November 14, 1885Lewis2755E
Bare, Virginia Tankersley1870January 20, 1939John Miller BareLewis2758
Barger, Calvin K.June 11, 1931November 3, 1950New Bacon2756Photo Available
Barger, CorineApril 16, 1891April 19, 1960Bacon492Photo Available
Barger, Elizabeth MariposaJanuary 22, 1952September 1, 2010Bacon495Photo Available
Barger, Emma18561917Bacon498Photo Available
Barger, Helen WilsonJune 19, 1895September 9, 1963Bacon496Photo Available
Barger, Howard L.June 29, 1972Bacon107B8
Barger, John D.November 16, 1861December 12, 1945Martha Chittum BargerBacon491Photo Available
Barger, John WoodrowMay 21, 1913November 6, 1985Bacon493Photo Available
Barger, Martha Chittum18751915John D. BargerBacon492Photo Available
Barger, Martha StraubAugust 1, 1918September 1, 2005Bacon494Photo Available
Barger, Mattie ElizabethJuly 20, 1904November 9, 1941New Bacon2756Photo Available
Barger, Rush AltonJuly 6, 1904December 17, 1954New Bacon2755Photo Available
Barker John RexFebruary 22, 1919June 2 , 1965Bacon374Photo Available
Barker, AnnaNew Bacon633
Barker, Beatrice18881979New Bacon633Photo Available
Barker, David E.May 20, 1925November 12, 2003New Bacon634Photo Available
Barker, Louie E.October 24, 1912January 31, 2001New Bacon634Photo Available
Barker, Robert E.18881979New Bacon633Photo Available
Barksdale, Flournoy HaymesJuly 3, 1918February 14, 1958Jean Dupuy Taypor BarksdaleU S Army, VMI ProfessorBacon561Photo Available
Barksdale, Jean Dupuy TaylorNovember 21, 1917December 26, 1991Flournoy BarksdaleBacon562Photo Available
Barnes, James FApril 27,1945August 4, 2011McCoy615Photo Available
Barnes, Madeline IOctober 1, 1923May 3, 2014McCoy616Photo Available
Barood, Anis AntoonMarch 23, 1890April 13, 1960Lewis5695Photo Available
Baroody, Agnes KJuly 13, 1907January 26, 1999Lewis5698Photo Available
Barr, Anastasia N.March 20, 1931December 21, 2012New Bacon1373
Barrett, John G.August 24, 1921August 13, 2013Yeager138Photo Available
Barrett, Linton LomasSeptember 1, 1904March 8, 1972Professor W&LLewis2365
Barrett, Marjorie Moore KreherMarch 20, 1917July 24, 1993Bacon1302Photo Available
Barrett, Thomas Van Braam19071978Bacon1301Photo Available
Barrows, Rev. William Stanley18611940New Bacon276B3Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Barrows, StanleyDecember 5, 1914January 31, 1995New Bacon2762Photo Available
Barrows, William Dinsmore19101935New Bacon276B1Photo Available
Bartenstein, Isabell AndersonJuy 31, 1923November 19, 1998Lewis5718Photo Available
Bartholomew, infantN/ANovember 9, 1880White779Photo Available
Barton, FairindaN/AFebruary 18, 1866Howard BartonWhite1154Photo Available
Barton, Howard T.December 23, 1823March 23, 1893CSAFairinda BartonWhite1153Photo Available
Barton, Richard WalkerN/AAugust 25, 1855ChildWhite17A9Photo Available
Bassist, Margaret RaySeptember 21, 1911September 28, 1911InfantWhite19A49Photo Available
Bastrop, J F Bell1850March 3, 1868VMI CadetHopkins5876
Bauer, FredOctober 29, 1900January 8, 1968Hedwig Moller BauerYeager601Photo Available
Bauer, Hedwig MollerNovember 2, 1909August 8, 2007Fred BauerYeager602Photo Available
Baxter, Annie C.N/AAugust 8, 1870George BaxterWhite1A90Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Baxter, Elizabeth H.N/AJuly 24, 1871Rev. Jos. Fleming BaxterWhite3A18
Baxter, James NickollJuly 7, 1831April 5, 1835ChildWhite1A101
Baxter, Rev Jos. FlemingSeptember 5, 1814March 22, 1845Elizabeth BaxterMinisterWhite3A17
Bayne, John Henry T11/27/190809/04/1967New Bacon488A1Photo Available
Bayne, Mary Horn08/16/190912/10/1994New Bacon488A2Photo Available
Beals, Kevin PaulJuly 7, 1958November 6, 2015Yeager876Photo Available
Bear, AndrewN/AN/AWhite2A135Photo Available
Bear, Charles B.April 25, 1869June 4, 1958Bacon645Photo Available
Bear, Cornelia W.January 28, 1886April 2, 1968Bacon646Photo Available
Bear, Francis Ann PritchardN/AN/AJacob BearWhite2A135Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Bear, JacobN/AN/AMary Rush Bear, Francis Ann Pritchard BearWhite2A135Photo Available
Bear, Jacob RushN/AN/AWhite2A135Photo Available
Bear, John RushN/AN/AWhite2A135Photo Available
Bear, Martha EmmaNovember 28, 1848May 26, 1911White2A135Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Bear, Mary RushN/AN/AJacob BearWhite2A135Photo Available
Bear, SamuelN/AN/AWhite2A135Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Bear, SusanN/AJanuary 28, 1865White597Photo Available
Bear, William CunninghamN/AN/AWhite2A135Photo Available
Beard, Emma LaughlinAugust 15, 1856September 3, 1928Jacob BeardLewis1517Photo Available
Beard, JacobFebruary 4, 1843May 14, 1918Emma Laughlin BeardLewis1515Photo Available
Beard, John WilliamAugust 12, 1862November 20, 1949Lewis4125Photo Available
Beard, Virginia HumphrisMay 10 1869November 18, 1932Lewis4124Photo Available
Becht, Joseph EdwardFebruary 13, 1917July 27, 1995WWII USAFRegina C. BechtYeager344Photo Available
Becht, Regina C.July 14, 1922September 25, 2009Yeager345Photo Available
Beebe, Anne SheppyAugust 18, 1922January 20, 2006WW II USANew Bacon4454Photo Available
Beebe, Louise Barger191910/30/1971Matthew Roger BeebeNew Bacon499A2Photo Available
Beebe, Matthew Roger06/05/191403/17/2009Major, USArmy, WW IILouise Barger BeebeNew Bacon499A1Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Beeton, Anna V.June 5, 1897October 5, 1990Bacon1254Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Beeton, Anne MariaJune 27, 1878February 4, 1963New Bacon4158Photo Available
Beeton, Annie May 6, 1904July 15, 1906ChildLewis5491Photo Available
Beeton, Annie M.April 8, 1838June 16, 1883J. H. BeetonLewis205a1EPhoto Available
Beeton, Carrie ArthurMay 17, 1887August 9, 1970Marion Lewis Beeton Terry and Susan ArthurLewis5495Photo Available
Beeton, CatharineJuly 15, 1799March 26, 1846John BeetonWhite17A8Photo Available
Beeton, Cottie V.11/06/191809/25/2000Hopkins6081
Beeton, Frank E.October 24, 1890January 22, 1981Bacon1255
Beeton, George HenryApril 26, 1874December 14, 1895LaborerLewis205a1NPhoto Available
Beeton, J.H.August 20, 1831February 4, 1904CSAAnn Maria Nuckols BeetonJohn and CatherineLewis205a1WPhoto Available
Beeton, JohnJune 17, 1848Catharine BeetonWhite17A7Photo Available
Beeton, JohnnieDecember 30, 1888July 17, 1890ChildLewis5491Photo Available
Beeton, Marion LewisDecember 27, 1886August 13, 1969Carrie Arthur Beeton U.S. Post Office WorkerLewis5495Photo Available
Beeton, Mattie H. Adams18641952William R. Beeton Lewis5494Photo Available
Beeton, Ralph A.May 30, 1927March 18, 1979Bacon1252
Beeton, Virginia19271929Hopkins6297
Beeton, William R.18581932Mattie H. Adams BeetonLewis5493Photo Available
Belcher, Foster E. Jr.03/15/192310/01/1969New Bacon494B6Photo Available
Bell, Alex S.N/AApril 2, 1857White2A20Photo Available
Bell, Catherine18351920Hopkins5761Photo Available
Bell, ElizabethN/AAugust 9, 1864James BellWhite2A18Photo Available
Bell, Elizabeth BuchananN/AApril 21, 1881White2A23Photo Available
Bell, Henry LeechFebruary 6, 1896April 8, 1948Hopkins5374Photo Available
Bell, JamesN/AAugust 17, 1826Elizabeth BellWhite2A17Photo Available
Bell, Joseph A.N/AJuly 28, 1856Margaret BellWhite1A85Photo Available
Bell, Margaret A.August 29, 1828March 16, 1905Joseph BellWhite1A83Photo Available
Bell, Margaret H.April 10, 1820August 10, 1858White2A21Photo Available
Bell, Mary ClarkOctober 8, 1899September 23, 1948Hopkins5373Photo Available
Bell, Robert B.June 10, 1826November 5, 1895White2A34Photo Available
Bell, SarahN/AJune 11, 1856White2A19Photo Available
Bell, VictorN/AJune 3, 1826ChildWhite1A63Photo Available
Benedict, Rose A.September 21, 1923October 16, 2007Yeager352Photo Available
Benedict, Rose MarieNovember 19, 1946February 7, 2014Yeager352Photo Available
Benedict, Ullman H.March 4, 1921September 3, 1995Rose A. BenedictYeager352Photo Available
Benincasa, ArmandoDecember 18, 1915August 25, 2005Maria BenincasaTeresa Dattolo, Frank, Anna Alosa, Ugo, Bernadette Lopez, Rita, RosettaMcCoy292Photo Available
Bennington, LouiseOctober 28, 1913March 11, 1951Lewis5568Photo Available
Bennington, Minnie HartlessMay 31, 1882October 1, 1966Bacon373Photo Available
Benson, Mary E. KelleyApril 11, 1849July 6, 1901W. S. BensonWhite17A25Photo Available
Bentley, Elizabeth M.February 13, 1915March 10, 2012New Bacon4363Photo Available
Bentley, Lesley ElizabethAugust 5, 1939February 12, 1971New Bacon4364Photo Available
Bentley, Robert OliverJanuary 17, 1902April 5, 1989New Bacon4362Photo Available
Berger, James RobertOctober 6, 1939October 9, 2015USAFMcCoy587
Berkeley, Fanney C.February 9 1840February 10, 1928Robert C. BerkeleyLewis5523
Berkeley, Lancelot MinorJuly 16, 1864December 11, 1945Lewis5524
Berkeley, Robert C.August 1, 1837January 22, 1918Fanney Campbell BerkeleyProfessor Lewis5522
Berrey, Bedford H.April 20, 1922December 26, 2002USA Medical CorpMcCoy505Photo Available
Berrey, MarciaMarch 1, 1917October 5, 2007McCoy506
Bethea, Betty AshurstAugust 22, 1921December 22, 2004William Dallas BetheaYeager841
Bethea, William Dallas Jr.October 14, 1918December 20, 2006Betty A. BetheaYeager842Photo Available
Bierer, Dr. John MichaelMarch 11, 1909September 22, 1974New Bacon457C7Photo Available
Bierer, Rachael NeblettAugust 16, 1909January 14, 1963New Bacon457C8Photo Available
Binger, Jane FullerOctober 8, 1924June 9, 2004New Bacon90A3Photo Available
Binger, Norman HenryJune 20, 1914Augujst 17, 1988New Bacon90A4Photo Available
Birmingham, Emma T.November 6, 1849December 23, 1928John P. BirminghamHopkins5051EPhoto Available
Birmingham, Irene M.3/25/188108/25/1959Hopkins6342
Birmingham, James HJanuary 21, 1857February 18, 1943Hopkins5667
Birmingham, John P.December 17, 1858March 28, 1911Emma T. TaylorInspector Hopkins5051NPhoto Available
Birmingham, John T.190708/03/1963Hopkins6343
Birmingham, Leslie Christopher01/31/190203/05/1967Hopkins6344
Birmingham, Mary DriscollJanuary 4, 1893June 1, 1991New Bacon315A2Photo Available
Birmingham, Otie P.18771931Hopkins6341
Birmingham, Raymond Axtell18831940New Bacon315A1Photo Available
Birmingham, Raymond H.Oct 1930Dec 1930Hopkins6348
Birmingham, Robert M.November 5, 1864January 16, 1867ChildLewis1423Photo Available
Birmingham, Sallie TJune 25, 1846November 14, 1872Lewis1421Photo Available
Black Anna Miller 05/30/192810/14/2011New Bacon483C3Photo AvailablePhoto AvailablePhoto Available (3)
Black Bettie Moore10/10/188910/31/1930New Bacon475C2Photo Available
Black, Abner F.January 26, 1871December 13, 1945 New Bacon2722
Black, Beatrice H.04/04/189406/19/1969New Bacon485A2Photo Available
Black, Charles W.11/28/192408/25/2014New Bacon475C4Photo Available
Black, Coburn Madison12/21/190906/14/2004CPL US Army WW IINew Bacon475C3Photo Available
Black, Elmer A.06/04/191702/01/2008New Bacon485A3Photo Available
Black, Eva Clyde Wheeler10/13/191911/24/1969New Bacon483C2Photo Available
Black, H. Porter08/02/187701/06/1968New Bacon475C1Photo Available
Black, Inez RhodesAugust 23, 1899December 10, 1955Lewis5672Photo Available
Black, Issac LorenzaDecember 10, 1914WW II USNBacon1343Photo Available
Black, Masil N.September 14, 1021Januart 17, 1982Bacon1344
Black, Nettie May SmithNovember 14, 1875July 8, 1959New Bacon2723
Black, Paul Forest1925October 27, 1957WW II USMCLewis5675Photo Available
Black, Robert HenrySeptember 27, 1899August 21, 1967Lewis5671Photo Available
Black, Samuel I.11/11/189111/11/1970New Bacon485A1Photo Available
Black, Thomas Richard07/10/191610/06/2001New Bacon483C1Photo Available
Blackburn, Howard F.December 23, 1923December 14, 1981WW II USANew Bacon36C8Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Blackburn, James R.September 8, 1933March 24, 2014New Bacon1492Photo Available
Blackburn, Ruth OwenNovember 18, 1937November 27, 2006New Bacon459B3Photo Available
Blackley, Nanny Winston07/12/188302/17/1968New Bacon484C3Photo Available
Blackwell, Carl Campbell Jr.June 7, 1945June 2, 2005Vietnam, USArmyYeager866Photo Available
Blackwell, Kenneth E.July 9, 1931February 18, 1994Annie L. BlackwellKaren Blackwell, Larry Blackwell, Gary BlackwellMcCoy355Photo Available
Blackwell, Selena L.January 11, 1947May 18, 2002William T. BlackwellYeager711
Blain Marion JeanFebruary 14, 1927July 6, 2003New Bacon449B7Photo Available
Blain, Cary Randolph1882December 29, 1961Margaret M. BlainDoctorWhite2A69Photo Available
Blain, DanielN/AMarch 19, 1814Minister, Professor at Washington CollegeWhite2A67
Blain, DanielNovember 20, 1828October 4, 1906CSAMary Louisa BlainMinisterWhite2A64Photo Available
Blain, DanielDecember 17, 1898November 13, 1981S. Logan Starr BlainPhysicianWhite2A69Photo Available
Blain, Dorothy G.August 6, 1903April 25, 1975New Bacon449B6Photo Available
Blain, Jean FormanFebruary 13, 1877January 8, 1947Randolph Harrison BlainWhite2A63Photo Available
Blain, Margaret M.18881978Cary Randolph BlainWhite2A69Photo Available
Blain, Mary LouisaJune 12, 1839September 2, 1916Daniel BlainWhite2A64Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Blain, Randolph HarrisonJanuary 12, 1871January 25, 1923Jean Forman BlainWhite2A62Photo Available
Blain, S. Logan StarrJune 13, 1903April 1, 1979Daniel BlainWhite2A69Photo Available
Blain, Stanton F.July 22, 1902April 14, 1972New Bacon449B5Photo Available
Blair, Col. William B.September 25, 1818March 23, 1883USA, CSAJudith C. BlairArmy and ProfessorLewis2212
Blair, Elizabeth1749July 1811White1A57Photo Available
Blair, HenryW.December 27 1851December 15, 1884C. an G. SurveyLewis2214
Blanche, MaryOctober 2, 1853February 23, 1925White2A107
Blanchfield, Charles G.October 22, 1901October 24, 1940Campbell and Glover17
Bland, Emily Hansel19181981Lewis3465
Blankenship, Floyd W. JrJanuary 15, 1934August 31, 1994Christine KnickMcCoy185Photo Available
Blankenship, JuliusDecember 17, 1933May 18, 1988Korea USAEthel Chittum Blankenship MangelsDebra Carr, Cynthia Blankenship, Julie LukeTruck driver ADS Co.McCoy185
Blankinship, Ella HigginbothamMay 27, 1895March 1, 1931R. Clyde BlankinshipHopkins514, 5166Photo Available
Blume, Eleanor Conrad CampbellN/ANovember 13, 1942John Alexander BlumeWhite7A9Photo Available
Blume, John A.September 2, 1844December 6, 1886Eleanor Conrad Campbell BlumeWhite7A8Photo Available
Bobbett, Cyrus AugustusOctober 1, 1841August 1, 1843ChildWhite17A13
Bobbit, Emily Margaret HarrisJanuary 6, 1895M. Leftwich BobbitLewis2015Photo Available
Bobbit, M. LeftwichJuly 28, 1891CSAEmily M. Harris BobbitCarpenterLewis2014Photo Available
Bobbitt, James MiltonN/AAugust 17, 1869ChildWhite17A12Photo Available
Bobbitt, Lorinda Alberta RosalieN/AJuly 22, 1875ChildWhite17A11Photo Available
Bocock, John HolmesJanuary 31, 1813July 17, 1872Sarah M Kemper BocockFrederick Willis, John Paul, Walter Kemper, Mary Jasper, Willis HenryMinisterWhite1081Photo Available
Bocock, Sarah Margaret KemperNovember 16, 1827October 3, 1916John Holmes BocockWhite1081Photo Available
Bocock, Walter KemperFebruary 10, 1858February 15, 1904White1083Photo Available
Bogar, Blanche Hall06/27/191012/20/1996Hopkins6108
Boley, Bess (Bessie)February 28, 18771915Lewis2106Photo Available
Boley, Frances G.November 9, 1871November 15, 1940Lewis2109Photo Available
Boley, Henry1939Lewis2107Photo Available
Boley, IreneFebruary 28, 18771877Lewis2104Photo Available
Boley, Laura Teressa WoodwardMay 1, 1872Jully 7, 1944T.H. BoleyLewis21011Photo Available
Boley, Mary Elizabeth1900Lewis2105Photo Available
Boley, Rosa Florence18781920Lewis2108Photo Available
Boley, Sarah Jane DeaverJuly 24, 1854November 20, 1884William Henry BoleySeven children: Frances G., Thomas Herbert, Bessie, Irene, Rosa Florence, Mary Elizabeth and HenryLewis2103Photo Available
Boley, Thomas HerbertMarch 21, 1874February 21, 1956Laura Theresa Woodward BoleyLewis21010Photo Available
Boley, William Henry18431903CSA Capt. J.D. Smith's Company, VA Lt ArtillSarah Jane DeaverSeven children: Frances G., Thomas Herbert, Bessie, Irene, Rosa Florence, Mary Elizabeth and HenryFarmerLewis2102Photo Available
Boniface, Nicholas MichaelMarch 20, 1920April 11, 2000WW II USNNancy Anne WalkerCigna Corp, retiredMcCoy391Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Boogher, Charles MelvilleNovember 27, 1857December 31, 1925White384
Boogher, Edward NicholasMay 4, 1831June 23, 1923CSAMary Ann Vanderslice BoogherWhite375
Boogher, Mary Ann VandersliceMay 1, 1834March 1, 1897Edward Nicholas BoogherWhite377
Booton, John Roller1910July 17, 1980Campbell and Glover638Photo Available
Bosserman, Carrol LunsfordNovember 10, 1921November 20, 1921childCampbell and Glover245Photo Available
Bosserman, Charles David Sr.March 10, 1884March 4, 1940Campbell and Glover241Photo Available
Bosserman, Clarya LunsfordSeptember 20, 1886March 13,1980Campbell and Glover242Photo Available
Bosserman, Eddie WardApril 2, 1878November 4, 1924Lewis2131
Bosserman, Gertrude CristJuly 17, 1890May 8, 1992Lewis2131
Bosserman, Lucie Kathryn BakerMarch 2, 1923August 13, 2002New Bacon315B8Photo Available
Bosserman, Margaret ShelleyFebruary 11, 1930July 7, 2010Campbell and Glover247Photo Available
Bosserman, Paul KerlinJune 7, 1927August 8, 2012Campbell and Glover248Photo Available
Bosserman, Randall GarrisonJanuary 23, 1923September 3, 2005Campbell and Glover244Photo Available
Bosserman, Robert TebbsJuly 16, 1919September 12, 1997New Bacon315B4Photo Available
Bostic, Donald LeeAugust 10, 1950February 19, 2010USANew Bacon30A4Photo Available
Bosworth, Douglass McNutt19031988White9910Photo Available
Bosworth, Elizabeth KirkpatrickOctober 11, 1867August 13, 1904J E BosworthLewis4282Photo Available
Bosworth, MargaretJune 15, 1895July 11, 1896Lewis4283Photo Available
Boude, John C18321896CSAMusadora A. BoudeClerk of the Rockbridge Circuit Court, 34 yearsWhite191Photo Available
Boude, Louisa L18401904A P BoudeR T Clinton BoudeWhite191Photo Available
Boude, Musadora A18441902John C. BoudeWhite191Photo Available
Boude, R T Clinton18671888White192Photo Available
Bower, Clinton AdronJanuary 2, 1915August 10, 2000Josephine L. BowerYeager285Photo Available
Bower, JosephineNovember 1, 1923April 26, 2008Yeager286Photo Available
Bowling, Dora S.June 26, 1909April 2, 1983New Bacon472Photo Available
Bowling, Lloyd R.September 8, 1908March 26, 1978New Bacon471Photo Available
Bowman, Ada B. MarshallAugust 17, 1866April 25, 1900Charles P. BowmanLewis323B2Photo Available
Bowman, Annie Y.July 28, 1859April 4, 1946New Bacon243B7Photo Available
Bowman, Elizabeth Boude18241892White191Photo Available
Bowman, Jessie C.November 24, 1883March 15, 1975New Bacon243B8Photo Available
Bowman, Pauline CarterJune 23, 1934February 4, 2000New Bacon35A3Photo Available
Bowman, Sidney W.May 19, 1854June 25, 1903New Bacon243B8Photo Available
Bowman, Willie MarshallSeptember 13, 1889June 23, 1890childLewis323B3Photo Available
Bowyer, Ada SealDecember 8, 1875May 5, 1948Lewis4133Photo Available
Bowyer, Aurelia McDonaldNovember 28, 1827September 23, 1877Hubard BowyerWhite45Photo Available
Bowyer, Clarence1883July 6, 1940Lewis4136
Bowyer, Earl ClarenceAugust 23, 1923January 8, 1968WW II USABacon868Photo Available
Bowyer, Frances E.19261979Bacon107B6Photo Available
Bowyer, Harry C18721913Lewis4134Photo Available
Bowyer, John17631806Revolution, colonelSheriff Rockbridge 1779, Colonel Rockbridge Co. Va MilitiaWhite1A67Photo Available
Bowyer, John19231975Campbell and Glover14
Bowyer, John DFebruary 21, 1880November 22, 1941Lewis4137Photo Available
Bowyer, Ora LeeAugust 1, 1890January 6, 1955Bacon867
Bowyer, Russell L.October 4, 1918April 21, 1972Bacon107B5Photo Available
Bowyer, Susie1904Lewis4131
Bowyer, Virginia J.March 31, 1900August 4, 1979Bacon1226Photo Available
Bowyer, Wilson Jr.March 21, 1986Campbell and Glover13
Bradley, Drue CampbellMarch 27, 1882October 10, 1981New Bacon4552Photo Available
Bradley, William HamptonAugust 10, 1881April 7, 1967New Bacon4551Photo Available
Bradshaw, Doris A.March 31, 1913March 1, 2003Yeager1061Photo Available
Brawley, HannahFebruary 15, 1837September 8, 1913White17A18Photo Available
Breedlove, Margaret AnneJune 15, 1849April 28, 1900J. W. BreedloveWhite572Photo Available
Breedlove, Mary EApril 24, 1886August 22, 1959Lewis4149Photo Available
Breedlove, Mary SusieMay 22, 1867September 5, 1892Lewis4141Photo Available
Breedlove, Ross W1893January 10, 1972Lewis4143
Breedlove, William JSeptember 7, 1859August 30, 1950Lewis4142Photo Available
Breedlove, William Ross06/10/192908/20/1967Hopkins6087
Brewbaker, Betty CraftFebruary 2, 1928September 13, 2003Bacon1322Photo Available
Brewbaker, Stuart PennOctober 15, 1912September 13, 2003Bacon1321Photo Available
Brewer, Cora Ann HumphriesOctober 21,1872June 26, 1958New Bacon275C2Photo Available
Brewer, Margaret ElizabethJanuary 6, 1905February 5, 2002New Bacon275C3Photo Available
Brice, WilliamN/AFebruary 13, 1817M.D.White1A30Photo Available
Bridgland, Harriet SN/AApril 12, 1856Alexander BridglandWhite581Photo Available
Briel, Irene BargerMarch 26, 1909February 1983H. Edward BrielBacon497
Bright, Pamela Woody10/15/196708/01/2013New Bacon494C2Photo Available
Brittigan, Daniel ClarkSeptember 23, 1933May 20, 1988McCoy232Photo Available
Broach, William R.July 16, 1936April 29, 2014Yeager918Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Broadhurst, Jessie TrubeJanuary 6, 1880December 19, 1952New Bacon271B8Photo Available
Brockenborough, Frank H.18491914Sarah Agnes Paxton BrockenbroughBacon51Photo Available
Brockenborough, Sarah Agnes Paxton18521920Frank H. BrockenboroughBacon51Photo Available
Brockenbrough, John White18061877Lawyer, federal judge and founder of the W&L School of LawLewis1911Photo Available
Brockenbrough, Mary C.18071893Lewis1911E
Brockman, Bettie M.September 27, 1849December 24, 1929Campbell and Glover281Photo Available
Brogan, Alene MayJanuary 29, 1925August 19, 1925Campbell and Glover402Photo Available
Brogan, Aurelia DonaldMarch 8, 1870January 23, 1959New Bacon2746Photo Available
Brogan, Ethel L White1900 1971Campbell and Glover406Photo Available
Brogan, Grace Alice18951978New Bacon2748Photo Available
Brogan, Herbert Henry18861962Campbell and Glover405Photo Available
Brogan, James EdwardSeptember 20, 1860September 24, 1946New Bacon2745Photo Available
Brogan, James EdwardCSALewis4376Photo Available
Brogan, Muriel A.April 18, 1911May 23, 1964New Bacon2747Photo Available
Brogan, Robert HenryMay 4, 1950August 30, 1972Bacon138Photo Available
Brooke, Anna Maria18561885Lewis1621Photo Available
Brooke, George Mercer ColMay 17, 1875April 10, 1945USANew Bacon3386Photo Available
Brooke, George Mercer JrOctober 21, 1914June 16, 2006WW II USAProfessor VMINew Bacon3383Photo Available
Brooke, Isabel TiltonOctober 7, 1887April 6, 1957George M BrookeNew Bacon3387Photo Available
Brooke, John Mercer18261906Lewis1621Photo Available
Brooke, Kate Corbin18391919Lewis1621Photo Available
Brooke, Richard Corbin18781879InfantLewis1621Photo Available
Brookes, John DruryJune 8, 1823August 29, 1842Student at Washington CollegeWhite16A6Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Brooks, Sarah J.8/26/1835 6/26/1918HopkinsPhoto Available
Brothers, David ChristyAugust 20, 1924January 12, 2002WW II USARuth Sellers BrothersYeager362Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Brothers, Ruth SellersApril 11, 1918September 10, 2005David Christy BrothersYeager363Photo Available
Broughman, Norman Cleo Jr.August 8, 1929October 5, 1994Helen Faye Gilliland, Norma S. Henn, Ola Mae Swafford, Sandra Epps, James H. BroughmanContractorYeager272Photo Available
Brown, Ada FrazierApril 2, 1894May 24, 1982Campbell and Glover542Photo Available
Brown, Alfred Rador18801915Lewis1933Photo Available
Brown, Alma SusanAugust 19, 1921Sepptember 19, 1967New Bacon91A3Photo Available
Brown, Andrew J.1830August 22, 1892CSAEstaline BrownWhite111 1/21Photo Available
Brown, Anna M.19482010HopkinsPhoto Available
Brown, Ansolum HadenN/ADecember 2, 1881ChildWhite110 1/25Photo Available
Brown, Bernice BNovember 4, 1840January 1, 1898Lewis1451Photo Available
Brown, Calvin JacksonMay 19, 1903March 8, 1920Lewis4152Photo Available
Brown, ChristineAugust 31, 1825January 5, 1984Hopkins5748
Brown, Daniel EdwardSeptember 7, 1865January 9, 1923Hopkins562A2Photo Available
Brown, Dirck WinserJune 14, 1928December 30, 2003Korea, USAMary (Molly) Jones BrownYeager1044Photo Available
Brown, Elizabeth W.March 24, 1918August 3, 1998New Bacon552Photo Available
Brown, Ellen Helen SmithJune 19, 1854September 6, 1931James Henry BrownWhite110 1/21
Brown, Elsie Margaret19251998New Bacon485CPhoto Available
Brown, Estaline M.1837June 12, 1862Andrew J BrownWhite111 1/21Photo Available
Brown, F RamseyFebruary 2, 1890April 28, 1947Hopkins5556
Brown, Fletcher C.August 8, 1902April 1, 1987WWII, Korea USALewis1937Photo Available
Brown, Frances McClungMay 30, 1918June 29, 1918ChildNew Bacon247B7Photo Available
Brown, FrankSeptember 30, 1869July 16, 1947Lewis4151Photo Available
Brown, Gay M.September 25, 1882June 7, 1884White110 1/24Photo Available
Brown, Gilbert LindsayApril 29, 1910April 20, 1968New Bacon761Photo Available
Brown, Harry M. JrOctober 11, 1915December 5, 1976New Bacon551Photo Available
Brown, Henry Clifford19001920Campbell and Glover484Photo Available
Brown, Herbert WilliamSeptember 21,1920February 6, 1921infantCampbell and Glover543Photo Available
Brown, Infant boyDecember 27, 1907R.O. BrownLewis2249Photo Available
Brown, Isabelle WhiteJuly 11, 1862Apri;21, 1950Campbell and Glover482Photo Available
Brown, James HenryJune 11, 1854December 20, 1938Ellen Helen BrownWhite110 1/21
Brown, Janie AgnerApril 12, 1892November 20, 1959Lewis5556
Brown, Janie Keesse Campbell18831914Lewis4092
Brown, Jennie M.October 1980New Bacon247B3Photo Available
Brown, Jessie M.19192010HopkinsPhoto Available
Brown, John W.August 14, 1856May 27, 1939Mattie Hayslett BrownLewis1931Photo Available
Brown, Junnie DeanJune 5, 1894May 20, 1895ChildWhite110 1/26Photo Available
Brown, Katherine W. 04/02/191407/05/1967w/o Paul T. BrownNew Bacon486C2Photo Available
Brown, Kathleen HiteFebruary 25, 1918September 23, 1994New Bacon762Photo Available
Brown, LacyMay 29, 1890November 20, 1896Lewis4154Photo Available
Brown, Leslie MikeMarch 16, 1898April 12, 1958New Bacon247B5Photo Available
Brown, Lucille Carr1881Bacon612
Brown, M. Elizabeth AlphinFebruary 7, 1909March 26, 1992New Bacon464B6Photo Available
Brown, Manly SrMay 26, 1906October 8, 1999Lewis4148Photo Available
Brown, Martha E.January 13, 1862March 11, 1945Lewis1932Photo Available
Brown, Martha S.December 24, 1882November 27, 1947Lewis1934Photo Available
Brown, Mary Campbell MooreJune 2, 1881July 17, 1933D E BrownHopkins562A3Photo Available
Brown, Mary Kahle01/17/191304/05/1994New Bacon476A4Photo Available
Brown, Mary Louisa WadeN/AJuly 12, 1846White20A2Photo Available
Brown, Mary Malvina LairdApril 6, 1825July 12, 1908Hopkins562A1Photo Available
Brown, Minnie R.12/21/188802/08/1986New Bacon485C2Photo Available
Brown, Nelson LaurieJune 12, 1896April 10, 1979New Bacon464B5Photo Available
Brown, Oscar HarrisAugust 29, 1870April 7, 1957GoodNew Bacon275C1
Brown, Paul T.07/31/191410/13/1996h/o Katherine W. BrownNew Bacon486C1Photo Available
Brown, Peter AnthonyJuly 7, 1934July 5, 2009USN V/NMcCoy248
Brown, Preston RiceDecember 10, 1919July 19, 1967New Bacon91A2Photo Available
Brown, Samuel Orr18521934Lewis4093
Brown, Seymour Jackson October 24, 1893August 19, 1958Campbell and Glover541Photo Available
Brown, William George18531920Campbell and Glover481Photo Available
Brown, William George Jr18981919Campbell and Glover33Photo Available
Brown, WillieJuly 31, 1873November 7, 1943Lewis4152Photo Available
Bruce, Belle C. A.March 19, 1927Lewis4062Photo Available
Bruce, William BMay 7, 1899Lewis4061Photo Available
Brugh, Eva Kahle06/04/190407/07/1986New Bacon476A3Photo Available
Brush, Edward Vernon Jr.December 2, 1908January 23, 1991Myra Marshall BrushEdward III, Mary Bass, Susan CroftPhysicianYeager51Photo Available
Brush, Myra MarshallJanuary 12, 1909March 8, 2000Edward Vernon Brush Jr.Edward III, Mary Bass, Susan CroftSchool TeacherYeager52Photo Available
Bryan, William JenningsMay 5, 1888April 12, 1937Lewis414Photo Available
Bryant, Gretchen18971932A.D. CamdenCampbell and Glover16A5Photo Available
Buchanan, Laverna E.December 20, 1868December 7, 1919James BuchananLewis323A1S
Buchanan, Vivian LandrumApril 5, 1921November 2, 2006Yeager..Photo Available
Buchanan, WilliamDecember 25, 1918June 20, 2003Yeager..Photo Available
Buchanan, William J.March 20, 1925July 26, 2002WWII, Korea, Vietnam USA & USMCMary BuchananColonel USA, SSGT USMCYeager1065Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Buck, DavyN/AFebruary 27, 185540 years sexton Lex Presbyterian Church, slaveWhite21A1Photo Available
Buck, Jeanie B NicolJuly 20, 1856August 10, 1954Edward George BuckLewis1497Photo Available
Buford, Algernon Sidney IIIMay 30, 1912May 16, 2002WW II USALucy Flippin BufordSHAEF, director Office of Intelligence Resources, Natonal Security CouncilYeager371Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Buford, Lucy FlippinAugust 6, 1916October 5, 2009Yeager372Photo Available
Bull, Mary SN/AApril 8, 1865White701Photo Available
Bull, Robert IApril 26, 1913March 27, 2007New Bacon447A4
Bull, Sarah ColemanMay 21, 1914February 1, 2002New Bacon447A3
Bumpus, Edward AFebruary 18, 1845June 7, 1889White821Photo Available
Bumpus, Elizabeth AMarch 1, 1781November 8, 1862White821Photo Available
Bumpus, Rosina A.June 4, 1814July 7, 1900William BumpusWhite821Photo Available
Bumpus, William NMarch 14, 1814October 13, 1875CSARosina BumpusWhite821Photo Available
Bunton, Gerald PaulJanuary 9, 1940October 17, 2005USArmyJoEllen BuntonYeager1008Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Burbach, Matthew JudeJune 9, 1974November 17, 1990Yeager104Photo Available
Burch, Martha F.10/19/1917 11/2/2008w/o Edward D. BurchHopkinsPhoto Available
Burger, Daniel WarwickApril 5, 1905November 12, 1979New Bacon1022Photo Available
Burger, Sue S.December 14, 1919May 8, 1999New Bacon1023Photo Available
Burgess, Hattie S FiggatMarch 17, 1841March 6, 1908C H BurgessWhite583Photo Available
Burgess, John18641865ChildWhite284Photo Available
Burgess, Morgan G18181880White284Photo Available
Burgess, Sarah AnnSeptember 18, 1829July 26, 1877C.H. BurgessWhite921Photo Available
Burks, Albert OglesbyDecember 14,1911May 23,1959LawyerLewis219-2017
Burks, Blanche W.18941983New Bacon456B6Photo Available
Burks, Edward C.May 25,1921December 11,1983Lewis219-202
Burks, Elkin Infant19381938Hopkins6243
Burks, Mary M.18421936Hopkins6286
Burks, Susan18171874Wife of W.T. BurksHopkins6285
Burks, W. T.18131835Hopkins6284
Burks, William Elkin07/08/191603/29/1989Hopkins6245
Burks, William L.September 1, 1886December 5, 1952New Bacon456B5Photo Available
Burks, William L.1885April 18, 1983New Bacon456B77
Burks,Nancy Bruce McCullouchJune 23,1912October 11,1949Lewis219-201
Burrows, Irene BeetonDecember 19, 1869January 27, 1960New Bacon4157Photo Available
Bury, Gerald GeorgeFebruary 22,1932August 20, 2012USAFBacon102A4
Butchart, Alice EMarch 17, 1877December 30, 1963Lewis5574
Byer, Annie MMay 6, 1870November 18, 1941New Bacon3272Photo Available
Byer, John M1871July 16, 1952New Bacon3271Photo Available
Byers, Anne CookeDecember 29, 1923February 5, 1996William F. ByersJohn Estes Byers, Sally Page Byers Whitlock, Nell Cooke ByersYeager121Photo Available
Byers, Nell CookeDecember 25, 1957December 6, 1992ArtistYeager121Photo Available
Byers, William FranklinAugust 20, 1921January 13, 2006WW II USAAnne Cooke ByersJohn Estes Byers, Sally Page Byers Whitlock, Nell Cooke ByersProf English and Fine Arts VMIYeager121Photo Available
Byrd, Florence18621896Lewis4132Photo Available
C. W. C.Lewis3204
Caldwell, Alice Bernice RuleyMarch 8, 1929March 26, 1994Lewis434Photo Available
Calkins, Gordon O. Sr.April 14, 1913October 22, 1990Ruth Curley CalkinsGordon Oliver Calkins Jr.Surveyor, Greenburg NY, retiredMcCoy213Photo Available
Calkins, Ruth C.May 5, 1913January 26, 2000Gordon O. Calkins Sr.Gordon Oliver Calkins Jr.McCoy214Photo Available
Camden Elizabeth K.Febrary 19, 1921July 31, 1994Bacon1215Photo Available
Camden, Anna W.April 3, 1890February 20, 1962Campbell and Glover79A2Photo Available
Camden, B. Franklin19601924HopkinsPhoto AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Camden, Bertie L SmithNovember 18, 1908February 26, 1961Lewis5676
Camden, Bessie M18891938Hopkins6012
Camden, Calvin C.1910May 1975Bacon1424Photo Available
Camden, Frank JrMarch 1, 1909July 29, 1953Bacon823Photo Available
Camden, George C.December 18, 1882January 156, 1960Campbell and Glover79A1Photo Available
Camden, Grace LJuly 1, 1885February 12, 1950Lewis5598
Camden, Harry Graham Sr.December 24, 1913June 27, 1979USA WW IIBacon1215Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Camden, Hubert RJanuary 19, 18880March 26, 1968Lewis559A7
Camden, Jack19141979Hopkins6088
Camden, James Franklin1879December 24, 1941Hopkins6011
Camden, Katie McClung18831907HopkinsPhoto AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Camden, Mabel Johenning19001925Campbell and Glover62Photo Available
Camden, Mamie V.May 10, 1913November 14, 1981Bacon1264Photo Available
Camden, Richard Bruce19151931Hopkins6013Photo Available
Camden, Robert Lee10/03/191809/28/1971PFC 229 Chemical Co, WW IINew Bacon497C3Photo Available
Camden, Ruby Virginia09/16/192106/24/2002New Bacon497C4Photo Available
Camden, Sarah Frances Ayres1/19/1858 8/28/1926HopkinsPhoto Available
Camden, Willie Odella18841933HopkinsPhoto AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Camden, Willie TelfordJanuary 28, 1906February 8, 1907InfantLewis1971Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Camden, Wilson Andrew Jr. "Junie" 7/8/1930 1/19/1999A1C, US Air Force, KoreaHopkinsPhoto AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Camden, Zachariah2/23/1847 4/29/1917HopkinsPhoto Available
Cameron, Andrew WJune 6, 1806July 17, 1861Ellen M. CampbellAndrew W. Cameron Jr.White51Photo Available
Cameron, Andrew W JrN/AMarch 1, 1871CSAWhite53Photo Available
Cameron, Annie FrancisApril 5, 1855July 14, 1860ChildWhite55Photo Available
Cameron, Ella GoldOctober 26, 1849August 12, 1912Lewis1725W
Cameron, Ellen MApril 22, 1814September 20, 1898Andrew W. CameronAndrew W. Cameron Jr.White51Photo Available
Cameron, FrankN/AJanuary 13, 1886White52Photo Available
Cameron, George, H.November 7, 1842June 14, 1898CSALewis1725SPhoto Available
Cameron, John HydeMarch 21, 1836July 16, 1915CSALewis2423Photo Available
Cameron, Mary C.October 4, 1874January 5, 1968Lewis2426
Cameron, Mattie JordanJanary 8, 1840July 16, 1915Lewis2423NPhoto Available
Cameron, Primrose18711955Lewis2425
Cammack, Lucy JessieMay 7, 1838February 18, 1916Robert J. CammackLewis5503Photo Available
Campbell, Alexander DoakAugust 12, 1823March 4, 1901CSAMary Estaline Bell CampbellMerchant; Veteran, CSALewis3011Photo Available
Campbell, Anne HowellMarch 7, 1886June 5, 1887ChildLewis1666Photo Available
Campbell, Ben MillerJuly 2, 1900December 22, 1921WW IWhite1276Photo Available
Campbell, BrockenbroughJuly 12, 1923July 2, 1924ChildLewis1663Photo Available
Campbell, Catherine HoustonOctober 29, 1868September 16, 1947Leslie Lyle CampbellLewis2737Photo Available
Campbell, Clara DodFebruary 6, 1896September 25, 1990New Bacon3908Photo Available
Campbell, Edmonia Preston LeechJune 2, 1891May, 19, 1971Malcom Duncan CampbellCampbell and Glover435Photo Available
Campbell, Edmund DMarch 12, 1899December 7, 1995White12711Photo Available
Campbell, Edmund D.January 1, 1857November 2, 1880White1145
Campbell, Emily Platt HowellMarch 10, 1852June 19, 1908John L CampbellLewis1662Photo Available
Campbell, Esther JaneMarch 1, 1821April 4, 1904White12712Photo Available
Campbell, Flora EDecember 11, 1890December 7, 1964New Bacon3297Photo Available
Campbell, Harriet Peters BaileyApril 18, 1824December 21, 1891John Lyle CampbellWhite1143Photo Available
Campbell, Henry DonaldFebruary 17, 1897October 7, 1898White1275Photo Available
Campbell, Henry DonaldJuly 29, 1862April 10, 1934Martha Miller CampbellWhite1271Photo Available
Campbell, James WilliamJune 4, 1861November 10, 1888LawyerLewis3015Photo Available
Campbell, John H. JrSeptember 28, 1889February 23, 1965WW 1Artist/MuscianLewis2672Photo Available
Campbell, John LyleDecember 7, 1818February 2, 1886Harriet P B CampbellWhite1141
Campbell, John LyleMarch 28, 1854April 23, 1913Emily Platt Howell CampbellLewis1665Photo Available
Campbell, John LyleJanuary 26, 1888June 14, 1963Lewis4041Photo Available
Campbell, Katie VDecember 27, 1888August 22, 1979New Bacon3298Photo Available
Campbell, Leslie LyleSeptember 17, 1863June 9, 1964Catherine Estil HoustonAsst. Professor of Math at W&LLewis2738Photo Available
Campbell, Malcolm DuncanJanuary 11, 1884Jun 19, 1944Edmonia Preston LeechCampbell and Glover434Photo Available
Campbell, Malcom B.June 4, 1911September 28, 1960New Bacon2462
Campbell, Margaret RubleCampbell and Glover228
Campbell, Martha BellFebruary 15, 1905March 27, 1930Lewis3017Photo Available
Campbell, Martha MillerOctober 18, 1863September 21, 1947Henry Donald CampbellWhite1273Photo Available
Campbell, Mary Belle Boogher18591917Lewis4094Photo Available
Campbell, Mary Boogher18591917Lewis4094
Campbell, Mary CordeliaMarch 28, 1817February 14, 1898Robert CampbellWhite217Photo Available
Campbell, Mary Estaline BellJuly 3, 1840October 16, 1924Alexander Doak CampbellLewis3013Photo Available
Campbell, Mary IsabellaAugust 1791April 1852Robert S. CampbellWhite12710Photo Available
Campbell, MontgomeryN/AAugust 13, 1886ChildLewis1671Photo Available
Campbell, Nell Paxton BrockenbrouchMay 19, 1883February 26, 1961Lewis4042Photo Available
Campbell, Parker B.N/AOctober 25, 1864ChildWhite21Photo Available
Campbell, R. HenryN/AN/AWhite215Photo Available
Campbell, RobertN/ADecember 22, 1824White6A14
Campbell, RobertJune 16, 1808April 7, 1873Mary Cordelia CampbellWhite216Photo Available
Campbell, Robert SMarch 1790December 1861Mary Isabella CampbellWhite1278Photo Available
Campbell, Sarah MontgomeryN/AN/AHenry RuffnerLewis1677Photo Available
Campbell, Susan EstherN/AAugust 6, 1853White1147
Campbell, Virginia WaddellJune 13, 1865March 29, 1949White1148Photo Available
Campbell, William S.November 11, 1852February 14, 1889White7A7
Campbell, William S.October 2, 1891November 4, 1951WW1Lewis2671Photo Available
Camper, Frances WhitesellSeptember 27, 1915August 30, 2001Theodore Millard CamperJames T. Camper, William R. CamperVMI LibrarianYeager92Photo Available
Camper, Theodore MillardJanuary 15, 1911December 23, 2004WW II USNFrances Whitesell CamperJames T. Camper, William R. CamperGreat Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co, FarmerYeager91Photo Available
Canden, Clementine19631918HopkinsPhoto AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Carlile, Frances SteeleNovember 9, 1909June 21, 1969White505Photo Available
Carmichael, AnnaAugust 13, 1915October 30, 1923Bacon42Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Carmichael, Anna H.March 6, 1886October 8, 1920Henry St. George T. CarmichaelBacon43Photo Available
Carmichael, Henry St George TuckerSeptember 23, 1881September 28, 19491. Anna Lowery Hertzel Carmichael 2.Leila Stauchad CarmichaelCivil EngineerBacon46Photo Available
Carmichael, Henry St George Tucker JrJuly 15, 1907June 25, 1981Margaret Lyle McCorkleCivil EngineerBacon45Photo Available
Carmichael, John Randolph Tucker, Dr.November 19, 1911August 28, 1941Bacon48Photo Available
Carmichael, Margaret Lyle McCorckleMarch 28, 1909November 19, 1968Henry St. George Tucker Carmichael Jr.Bacon47Photo Available
Carr, B. MagnusDecember 24, 1899February 11, 1949Virginia F. CarrBacon617Photo Available
Carr, Charles R. Jr.March 1920December 10, 1981USMC WW IIEvelyn Viola BachBacon613Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Carr, Charles Rollins18971924Lucille Mildred PerkinsBacon611Photo Available
Carr, Evelyn BachMay 23, 1920August 21, 2010Charles Rollins Carr Jr.Bacon614Photo Available
Carr, GertrudeSeptember 14, 1889February 6, 1971Virginia F. CarrBacon618
Carr, P. EdwinBacon615Photo Available
Carr, Virginia E.May 15, 1861January 16, 1945Bacon616Photo Available
Carrington, Charles ScottJune 21, 1856January 1, 1896White2A201
Carrington, Susan Preston McDowellApril 16, 1832November 5, 1909Charles Scott CarringtonWhite2A202
Carroll, Alice Robertson19031969Hopkins5231Photo Available
Carroll, infant daughter-1938Hopkins5231Photo Available
Carroll, infant son1939Hopkins5231Photo Available
Carroll, Joseph FranklinOctober 31, 1904April 18, 1959New Bacon413B5Photo Available
Carroll, Mary Walker KeenanSeptember 11, 1903January 2, 1974New Bacon413B8Photo Available
Carroll, Robert Patrick19031994Alice Robertson Carroll Professor at W & L and VMIHopkins5231Photo Available
Carson, Elizabeth BrownAugust 27, 1917April 15, 2005New Bacon836Photo Available
Carson, Robert James Jr.July 7, 1913August 8, 1989New Bacon833Photo Available
Carter, Alice MJune 20, 1923November 23, 1985New Bacon3584Photo Available
Carter, AlonzoMarch 5, 1855October 28, 1891White8A15Photo Available
Carter, ElizabethN/AN/ARobert H. CarterWhite1A96
Carter, Elizabeth Ann CoxOctober 21, 1835October 18, 1895Lewis3121SPhoto Available
Carter, Elizabeth HMarch 6, 1886May 17, 1948Lewis5604
Carter, Ellen Wallace18571887White8A11Photo Available
Carter, George W.March 16, 1828July 6, 1895Lewis3121EPhoto Available
Carter, Howard McC.April 2, 1905June 25, 1958New Bacon35A1Photo Available
Carter, Howard McCorkle JrFebruary 4, 1932September 22, 1987New Bacon36C5Photo Available
Carter, James WilliamMarch 5, 1882October 23, 1957New Bacon360B5Photo Available
Carter, Lois McGuffinJune 12, 1910June 24, 1975New Bacon35A2Photo Available
Carter, Maggie MorrisDecember 1, 1875May 28, 1943New Bacon360B6Photo Available
Carter, Mollie ReynoldsSeptember 8. 1864September 27, 1930Lewis3123Photo Available
Carter, Samuel EApril 11, 1875July 27, 1957Lewis5603
Carter, Samuel O.September 27, 1898December 14, 1906childLewis3124Photo Available
Carter, Samuel WashingtonJune 18, 1860July 1. 1908Lewis3123Photo Available
Carter, Thomas1941chjldLewis3122Photo Available
Carter, Thomas PrestonSeptember 25, 1911September 16, 1939New Bacon360A2Photo Available
Carter, WayneDecember 15, 1964January 5, 1965New Bacon35A4Photo Available
Caruthers, Edward G.May 28, 1813March 31, 1848White21A33
Caruthers, James Jr.N/AMay 10, 1826White1A47
Caruthers, James Sr.September 1759June 15, 1828Hannah M. PaxtonJames Caruthers, Jr.Sheriff Rockbridge County 1802White1A45
Caruthers, JaneJune 4, 1792October 2, 1818Isaac CaruthersWhite1A53Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Caruthers, John F.June 19, 1798August 24, 1840Louisa G. Caruthers, Elizabeth Wilson DavisWhite20A4Photo Available
Caruthers, Louisa G.June 18, 1830October 3, 1910White20A4Photo Available
Caruthers, Margaret HartAugust 26, 1840January 5, 1843ChildWhite21A34
Caruthers, WilliamSeptember 12, 1771June 10, 1817White1A64Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Carver, Ada Harris05/03/189112/26/1967New Bacon488B1Photo Available
Carver, Aileen Bradley06/10/192712/03/2010New Bacon488B3Photo Available
Carver, Bernice PetersNovember 5, 1925February 19, 2003Dabney C. Carver IVYeager434
Carver, Dabney Clark IVApril 8, 1921June 3, 1998WW II Army Air ForceBernice P. CarverYeager433
Carver, Herbert A. Sr.06/04/192401/16/1994PFC US Army WW IINew Bacon488B2Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Cash, Mary Hartigan1802August 3, 1887Ready M. CashLewis3181SPhoto Available
Cash, R. M.1800April 24, 1886Mary Hartigan CashLaborerLewis3181SPhoto Available
Cash, WillieDecember 17, 1889Lewis3181WPhoto Available
Cassidy, Francis KramerJune 13, 1913November 2, 1999Lewis4057Photo Available
Catlett, Mary Eleanor Parrent10/29/191906/20/1992New Bacon487C3Photo Available
Caudill, Shirley WNovember 14, 1933March 16, 2002Charles C. CaudillMcCoy112Photo Available
Cauley, Ernest E.February 3, 1925October 11, 1985Campbell and Glover65B7Photo Available
Cauley, Jesse FredAugust 22, 1896February 15, 1959Campbell and Glover65B4Photo Available
Cauley, Lena KarnesSeptember 11, 1901August 3, 1982Campbell and Glover65B5Photo Available
Cauley, Ruby TolleyJuly 2, 1923July 18, 2006Campbell and Glover74C2
Cavitt, Beulah HowertonJune 9, 1863October 24, 1946Bacon55A1Photo Available
Chabot, Oliver H.19281992Carol J. ChabotMcCoy457Photo Available
Champe, Andrew J.March 17, 1818July 6, 1896CSAMary B, Park ChampeBricklayerLewis2721WPhoto Available
Champe, C. L.18541929Lewis2721SPhoto Available
Champe, John A.November 4, 1858January 7, 1937Nora KirkpatrickLewis2723EPhoto Available
Champe, John Andrew, Jr.May 29, 1891September 18, 1913Civil EngineerLewis27235Photo Available
Champe, John Edward JrMay 29 1891September 18, 1913Lewis2723S
Champe, Lewis ColstonSeptember 27, 1889December 25, 1912Civil EngineerLewis2723NPhoto Available
Champe, Mary B.Februsry 15, 1823June 15, 1896Andrew J. ChampeLewis2721WPhoto Available
Champe, Mary JaneJune 26, 1857December 31, 1858ChildLewis2721NPhoto Available
Champe, Nora K.November 18, 1861September 5, 1944John Andrew ChampeLewis2723EPhoto Available
Champe, Otho W.February 9, 1853October 12, 1891BricklayerLewis2721SPhoto Available
Chandler, Betty JeanOctober 9, 1928January 14, 2014Yeager128Photo Available
Chandler, Harriet Wills18781916Lewis50410Photo Available
Chandler, HughN/AN/AWhite1A17Photo Available
Chandler, I. Bradford Jr.April 30, 1918May 17, 1995WW II USNBetty Jean Culley ChandlerBradford III, Ronald, Fred, Janet Vita, Karen, Marlene Bucci, Judie PasquiniMfg Eng Perkin Elmer Corp Norwalk Conn.Yeager127Photo Available
Chandler, JohnN/AFebruary 14, 1824ChildWhite1A18
Chandler, JohnJanuary 22, 1772April 11, 1852Polly Darst ChandlerWhite1A15Photo Available
Chandler, LucyN/AMarch 19, 1835Samuel T. ChandlerWhite1A19Photo Available
Chandler, PollyAugust 13, 1782April 16, 1846John ChandlerWhite1A14Photo Available
Chandler, Samuel T.September 2, 1793June 15, 1866Lucy ChandlerWhite1A20Photo Available
Chapin, CharlesN/AJanuary 31, 1853White521Photo Available
Chapin, MargargetN/ANovember 22, 1843Gordon ChapinWhite522Photo Available
Chapin, NannieN/AJuly 5, 1859White521Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Chaplin, Carrie S.January 27, 1911September 26, 1998Frances William ChaplinMarvin L. ChaplinMcCoy258Photo Available
Chaplin, Elizabeth SpriggN/AFebruary 3, 1863Hanson ChaplinWhite22Photo Available
Chaplin, Frances W.November 12, 1907August 26, 2001Carrie Smith ChaplinMarvin L. ChaplinBaker at VMI for 46 years, retiredMcCoy257Photo Available
Chaplin, GeorgeSeptember 1, 1816February 1, 1904CSAWhite765Photo Available
Chapman, Barbara BurnsSeptember 16, 1902November 27, 1993New Bacon682Photo Available
Chapman, JennieDecember 1, 1948November 1, 2007Bacon1401
Chapman, Nathaniel DabneyAugust 23, 1895January 1, 1996New Bacon681Photo Available
Chapman, Steven (Lenny)December 11, 1965May 22, 1982Bacon1364Photo Available
Chappell, Gordon191107/12/1973New Bacon4999Photo Available
Chappell, Marion Broege09/23/191303/13/1992New Bacon49910Photo Available
Charleton, MathewMarch 11, 1845July 20, 1848White2A15Photo Available
Charlton, AdaJune 5, 1881January 27, 1950Charles CharltonWhite735Photo Available
Charlton, Cartha LovingSeptember 18, 1845October 4, 1910W.C. CharltonWhite734Photo Available
Charlton, CharlesOctober 8, 1876November 19, 1941Ada CharltonWhite735Photo Available
Charlton, Charles C KNovember 5, 1909November 24,1924White731Photo Available
Charlton, J. BurtonJuly 13, 1869May 30, 1885White682Photo Available
Charlton, James JN/AJanuary 7, 1867White741Photo Available
Charlton, Lula V18741939White2A6Photo Available
Charlton, Mamie IN/AN/AOrral R CharltonWhite1032Photo Available
Charlton, Mary JN/AApril 27, 1927White744Photo Available
Charlton, MildredDecember 21, 1902October 5, 1918White1033
Charlton, NannieN/AN/AChildWhite681Photo Available
Charlton, Orral R.N/AMay 28, 1940Mamie I. CharltonWhite1031Photo Available
Charlton, Powell J.18991935White1034Photo Available
Charlton, S. C.18351908CSACharlton, Sallie L.White2A4 & 6Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Charlton, SallieOctober 1, 1814September 13, 1878White743Photo Available
Charlton, Sallie L18331910Charlton, S. C.White2A6Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Charlton, Sallie L.N/A1910Charlton, S. C.White2A4Photo Available
Charlton, Sarah AN/AMay 9, 1935White745Photo Available
Charlton, Seaborne OSeptember 11, 1811September 1, 1873White742Photo Available
Charlton, Virginia BurtonN/ASeptember 3, 1870W.C. CharltonWhite732Photo Available
Charlton, W COctober 23, 1833June 26, 1920CSAVirginia Burton CharltonWhite733Photo Available
Cheatham, Kathleen SilerApril 22, 1901May 18, 1994Hopkins5425Photo Available
Cheatham, Russel LyleNovember 13, 1892May 15, 1964Hopkins5424Photo Available
Cherry, Catherine M. V. November 22, 1900February 11, 1943Hopkins5757Photo Available
Cherry, James RobertFebruary 17, 1929November 9, 1994Hopkins5758Photo Available
Cherry, James W.September 19, 1900September 7, 1988Hopkins5756Photo Available
Cherry, Louise A.April 20, 1932Hopkins5758Photo Available
Chichester, GeoN/AAugust 12, 1850VMI CadetWhite21A14
Childress, Archie G.08/14/189911/09/1978New Bacon501A1Photo Available
Childress, Jeannette A.12/11/191106/06/1980New Bacon501A2Photo Available
Chillum, infantNovember 18, 1960Daisy ChillumchildBacon352.5
Chilton, MacKenney L.March 8, 1900March 20, 1963WW11 USNRuth Powers ChiltonHopkins5103Photo Available
Chilton, Ruth PowersDecmber 15, 1910February 4, 1988MacKenney L. ChiltonNurse Hopkins5104Photo Available
Chiodi, Helen Pauline LackeyDecember 12, 1916March 17, 2003Campbell and Glover223Photo Available
Chitel, Donald R.June 1, 1921February 10, 1994Ruby M. ChitelAutomobile salesmanYeager275Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Chitel, Ruby M.April 27, 1919December 18, 2009Yeager276Photo Available
Chittum, Andrew J.October 5, 1830June 27, 1849Cabinet makerLewis1732Photo Available
Chittum, Ann18311926Hopkins6075
Chittum, C. H.N/A1913Lewis1731Photo Available
Chittum, Charles Henry18481934Rebecca J. Holtzman of New Market who he married on Nov. 26, 1870.Eight children: Mrs. E. H. Figgatt and H. H. Chittum, of Lexington, Mrs. W. D. Payne and E. C. Chittum, of Baltimore, C. H. Chittum, Jr., Rushville, NE, and A. H. Chittum, of Harrisonburg, VA.Lewis1733Photo Available
Chittum, Frances MahoneyAugust 4, 1916November 1, 2002New Bacon36A2Photo Available
Chittum, Frances Moore StraubAugust 5, 1914June 30, 1991William Baker Chittum, Rockbridge County SheriffWilliam, Robert, James, Martha Sue, Kay AyersMcCoy336Photo Available
Chittum, Harrie Jackson (Buzzie)May 12, 1874February 2, 1880Lewis1734Photo Available
Chittum, Herbert BasilAugust 14, 1915July 14, 1970New Bacon36A1Photo Available
Chittum, Lillie RuthSeptember 20, 1882April 2, 1884ChildLewis1736
Chittum, Martha SueOctober 29, 1944January 30, 1994Computer Programmer for Rockbridge Farmers CoopMcCoy337Photo Available
Chittum, R. J.N/A1913Lewis1731Photo Available
Chittum, Rebecca Jane HoltzmanMarch 8,1853March 11, 1945Charles Henry ChittumEight children, including: Mrs. Emma Payne, Baltimore, Md; Charles H. Chittum, Ruchville, Neb; Arthur H. Chittum, Harrisonburg; Hugh H. Chittum, Lexington; Elbert C. Chittum, Catonsville, Md.Lewis1733Photo Available
Chittum, William BakerAugust 12, 1914March 22, 1999Frances Moore Straub ChittumWilliam, Robert, James, Martha Sue, Kay AyersRockbridge Co. Sheriff, retiredMcCoy335Photo Available
Christian, Ann H.N/AAugust 22, 1868White1A80Photo Available
Christian, Elenora FaisonJuly 20, 1920October 30, 1987Lewis3168Photo Available
Christian, EvansN/AFebruary 22, 1866White10A4Photo Available
Christian, Harold TelfordAugust 13, 1900September 28, 1970New Bacon2768
Christian, John HenryApil 7,1852September 10, 1908New Bacon2762Photo Available
Christian, Julia JacksonNovember 23, 1862August 30, 1889William Edward ChristianCircle3
Christian, Julia JacksonNovember 23, 1862August 30, 1889White273 & 4Photo Available
Christian, Lucy Ann WallerNovember 23, 1811January 21, 1853Evan ChristianWhite1A78Photo Available
Christian, Mary Samuels HaasFebruary 20, 1860September 6, 1939New Bacon2762Photo Available
Christian, Morris HuntleyFebruary 23, 1905May I, 1997Sarah Owen ChristianBacon61Photo Available
Christian, Sarah OwenMay,8,1907January 17, 1997Morris Huntley ChristianBacon61Photo Available
Christian, Thomas Jonathon JacksonNovember 14, 1914August 8, 194-Col USACircle7
Christian, Thomas Jonathon JacksonAugust 23, 1823September 13CSACircle6
Christian, William EdwardMay 14, 1856February 5, 1936Circle2
Clark, Alice T.May 14, 1906October 19, 1973New Bacon462C7Photo Available
Clark, Allen B.September 17, 1910July 10, 1946Campbell and Glover528
Clark, Annie V.July 8, 1907January 15, 1990Reese ClarkJuanita Clark, Mildred Higgins, Louella Hostetter, Elizabeth Multispaugh, Lloyd, Reese, Paul, KesterRestaurant CookMcCoy361Photo Available
Clark, Benjamin S. JrMarch 23 , 1910May 3, 1999Lewis3273Photo Available
Clark, Beulah MayFebruary 20, 1914October 27, 1914Lewis41512Photo Available
Clark, Cornelia WFebruary 25, 1855October 22, 1879White863Photo Available
Clark, Elizabeth M1917Lewis4159Photo Available
Clark, Eva M BrowmNovember 13, 1914January 23, 1992Lewis4156
Clark, Gertrude A.18651933Hopkins5372Photo Available
Clark, Grover L.September 24, 1884December 9, 1931Leah Reed ClarkCampbell and Glover523
Clark, Ida MayMarch 12, 1863November 10, 1866White868Photo Available
Clark, James A.October 15, 1965October 16, 1965childBacon356
Clark, James ReedyJune 12, 1905May 11, 1990New Bacon460B5Photo Available
Clark, James YN/AMarch 24, 1904CSAWhite862Photo Available
Clark, JosephineJune 21, 1939Lewis12
Clark, Laura BellAugust 15, 1866February11, 1875White865
Clark, Leah Reed January 26, 1886Ocyober 26, 1922G.L. ClarkCampbell and Glover522
Clark, Mamie F.18911959New Bacon462C8Photo Available
Clark, Mildred GoodbarJuly 23, 1908March 13, 1990New Bacon460C6Photo Available
Clark, Nina G BrownJune 6, 1894January 4, 1946Lewis4155Photo Available
Clark, Randolph W.18621931Hopkins5371Photo Available
Clark, Reese CApril 1, 1904June 13, 1955Lewis5643
Clark, Roberta Bell DullJanuary 29 1925Setember 11, 2001Lewis3273Photo Available
Clark, Sarah ClementsOctober 18, 1912October 24, 2005Campbell and Glover527
Clark, Virginia JackJune 22, 1901Jan 10, 1954Campbell and Glover524
Clark, William E.May 23, 1911May 27, 1976New Bacon462C6Photo Available
Clayton, Christopher BraggNovember 25, 1954January 23, 1974Lewis1783Photo Available
Clayton, Donald BrevardAugust 8, 1890August 2, 1974Lewis1784Photo Available
Clayton, Mary Wynette MathewsFeruary 8, 1888February 15, 1971Lewis1784Photo Available
Clements, Elbert Jessie19061906Lewis4214Photo Available
Clements, Evelyn Bell18941895Lewis4214Photo Available
Clements, Joseph Homer19071928Lewis421Photo Available
Clements, Thomas LucySeptember 30, 1874July 30, 1942Lewis4212Photo Available
Clements, William Henry18861910Lewis421Photo Available
Clemmer, Elizabeth ColemanApril 27, 1913December 7, 2007McCoy254
Clinebell, Charles S.18851937Bacon798Photo Available
Clinebell, James HJanuary 14, 1893November 16, 1956Lewis414Photo Available
Clinebell, James WFebruary 3, 1857February 26, 1910Lewis4145Photo Available
Clinebell, Jason W.February 3, 1857February 26, 1910Campbell and Glover37A3Photo Available
Clinebell, Mary JSeptember 10, 1857March 15, 1919Lewis41414Photo Available
Clinebell, Mary J.September 10, 1857March 15, 1919Campbell and Glover37A4Photo Available
Clinebell, Mildred TolleyJuly 27, 1919November 16, 2000Milton Theodore ClinebellClerk McCrums Drug StoreMcCoy141Photo Available
Clinebell, Milton TheodoreJuly 23, 1912September 1, 1999WW II USAMildred Tolley ClinebellReeves Bros Mfg, retired Parts Mgr Woody ChevroletMcCoy141Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Clinebell, Nannie BAugust 22, 1890August 23, 1899Lewis41413Photo Available
Clinebell, Nannie B.August 22, 1890August 23, 1899childCampbell and Glover379Photo Available
Clinebell, Sallie D.18911977Bacon798Photo Available
Clowes, John Stockton1841October 31, 1859White281Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Clowes, Mary Emma18091881Sidney B. ClowesJohn Stockton Clowes, Amos K. Clowes, Paul Jones ClowesWhite283Photo Available
Clowes, Sidney B18031889Mary Emma ClowesJohn Stockton Clowes, Amos K. Clowes, Paul Jones ClowesStage Agent in Lexington for about 25 yearsWhite283Photo Available
Clutterbaugh Lewis W.19091980Campbell and Glover347Photo Available
Clutterbaugh, F. M.19081996Campbell and Glover348Photo Available
Clutterbaugh, Rebecca B.January 26, 1868Jult 15, 1957Campbell and Glover342Photo Available
Clutterbaugh, Robert S.18681932Campbell and Glover341Photo Available
Coates, Elizabeth Harleston HugerNovember 10, 1907January 3, 1997New Bacon972Photo Available
Coates, Harry LutherMay, 2, 1894October 27, 1969Lt. Col USANew Bacon972Photo Available
Coates, Nancy LutherOctober 27, 1894October 29, 1969New Bacon971
Cobb, Mary02/05/189107/09/1974New Bacon502B1Photo Available
Cochran, Addie BlancheSeptember 1, 1902July 11, 1986New Bacon409A2Photo Available
Cochran, Ira HarropApril, 1 1894April 4, 1945WW I and II USANew Bacon409A1Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Cochran, Katherine F.January 16, 1922June 30, 1983New Bacon409A3Photo Available
Cochrane, Ira H. Jr July 31, 1924April 20, 2013Yeager25Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Cocke, Phebe AlexanderAugust 12, 1839August 5, 1873Edmund R. CockeWhite4A50
Coe, Frances DeanSeptember 10, 1942New Bacon3663Photo Available
Coe, Mildred DunlapJuly 7, 1908January 9, 1991New Bacon3662Photo Available
Coe, Wilson ParkMarch 21, 1896June 13, 1960New Bacon3661Photo Available
Coffey, James ArthurDecember 1, 1883November 8, 1946New Bacon2835Photo Available
Coffey, Lula McCormickOctober 3, 1898April 7 1979Mausoleum38Photo Available
Coffey, Martha JaneOctober 6 1946October 10, 1946New Bacon2832Photo Available
Coffey, Mattie Elizabeth Eubank12/26/191801/03/1990New Bacon498B8Photo Available
Coffey, Sarah BellNovember 15, 1890February 16, 1968New Bacon2833Photo Available
Coffey, Walton WilmouthMarch 12, 1889October 23, 1968Mausoleum37Photo Available
Coffey, William H.March 21, 1863June 20, 1931New Bacon2831Photo Available
Coffey, William TedMay1,1931October 6, 1985Korea Vietnam USAFNew Bacon2837Photo Available
Cole, Elwood A.1919April 21, 1960New Bacon43B6
Cole, Fred CarringtonApril 12, 1912May 6, 1986WW II, USNLoise F. ColeFred, Robert Grey, Taylor, Caroline CornwellW&L President 1959-1967Yeager241Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Cole, Lois FergusonOctober 23, 1910February 6, 2000Fred C. ColeFred, Robert Grey, Taylor, Caroline CornwellYeager243Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Coleman, Ela Mitchell189204/01/1968Hopkins637B4
Coleman, Elizabeth SJanuary 2, 1925January 30, 2015McCoy622
Coleman, Howe Reese JrOctober 26, 1903May 24, 1989New Bacon1211Photo Available
Coleman, James AndrewDecember 25, 1929March 14, 2006Korea USNElizabeth Smith ColemanMary Catherine Trudgeon, Elizabeth Ann Coleman, James W. ColemanNASA Eng, retiredMcCoy621Photo Available
Coleman, James Franklin18751961New Bacon447A1Photo Available
Coleman, Loraine CatherineFebruary 22, 1928October 26, 2012Bacon1443Photo Available
Coleman, Reese HoweAugust 29, 1938April 21, 2014New Bacon1213
Coleman, Sara DanielApril 10, 1878July 20, 1956New Bacon447A2Photo Available
Coleman, Virginia H.19061975New Bacon1212Photo Available
Collins, Rosa GrayNovember 4, 1893March 28, 1969Lewis1704.5Photo Available
Colman, Ann FrancesMay 27, 1852November 14, 1893Henry R. ColmanLewis2276Photo Available
Colonna, Claude Bundick Sr.September 23, 1931April 14, 1992Betty P. Colonna, Wolletta A. ColonnaYeager173Photo Available
Colonna, Elizabeth P.August 28, 1932November 14, 1972Korea, USAFClaude B. ColonnaClaude B. Colonna, Catherine C. King, Connie C. MeadeOwner Colonna Real EstateYeager174Photo Available
Colston, Jane FauntleroyN/AJune 5, 1852ChildWhite21A37Photo Available
Colston, Leila BellfieldN/AJanuary 2, 1862ChildWhite21A36Photo Available
Colvin, Caroline L.none06/16/1972New Bacon493A4Photo Available
Colvin, Howard MSeptember 7, 1880August 28, 1956Lewis5711Photo Available
Colvin, Katherine OJanuary 3, 1891December 12, 1972Lewis5712Photo Available
Colvin, Maria C.10/19/192109/04/2015New Bacon493A3Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Colvin, Milton06/20/192306/24/2005New Bacon493A3
Colvin, Nannie S.November 6, 1865March 1, 1948William C. ColvinLewis2952Photo Available
Colvin, William C.December 28, 1856October 25, 1939Nannie S. ColvinLewis2951Photo Available
Compton, AlexanderJuly 20, 1852April 3, 1862ChildWhite13A15Photo Available
Compton, Catherine HarrisMay 18, 1805November 26, 1874White13A15Photo Available
Compton, Charles LewisJanuary 9, 1847October 25, 1851ChildWhite13A15Photo Available
Compton, Francis PattonDecember 3, 1848June 18, 1849ChildWhite13A15Photo Available
Compton, George PrestonJanuary 5, 1831August 29, 1856White13A15Photo Available
Compton, JamesDecember 6, 1798October 3, 1863White13A15Photo Available
Compton, John H.August 11, 1838August 4, 1860White13A15Photo Available
Compton, Robert KingOctober 21, 1840October 9, 1881White13A15Photo Available
Compton, Sarah LewisJuly 25, 1827April 1, 1879White13A15Photo Available
Compton, ThomasMarch 29, 1837November 10, 1837ChildWhite13A15Photo Available
Conklin, Anne COctober 28, 1947February 23, 2014McCoy417Photo Available
Conner, Andrew B.18771957HopkinsPhoto Available
Conner, Barbara IrvineOctober 10, 1854May 2, 1927Hopkins5944
Conner, Cavet BurtonJanuary 2, 1879February 13, 1941New Bacon3581Photo Available
Conner, Charles A. Sr.03/28/190501/05/1978New Bacon479C1Photo Available
Conner, Charles Andrew Jr.10/07/1927noneNew Bacon479C???Photo Available
Conner, Charles C.March 7, 1902September 22, 1983New Bacon459A1Photo Available
Conner, Clarence BMarch 10, 1902December 12, 1970New Bacon3585Photo Available
Conner, Ernest L.18671931Hopkins5241Photo Available
Conner, Frances Garrison02/20/1930noneNew Bacon479C???Photo Available
Conner, Georgiana RebeccaMay 4, 1886May 29, 1964Hopkins5947Photo Available
Conner, Goldie Virginia10/31/189503/15/1988Hopkins6086
Conner, GraceAugust 25,", 1873March 2, 1948Hopkins5938
Conner, Irene V.19031914Hopkins5243Photo Available
Conner, J. Yost18901934Hopkins613B6
Conner, James Erby18781944Hopkins5939
Conner, John Graham11/16/1891 9/21/1907HopkinsPhoto Available
Conner, Letha09/02/192202/18/1997Hopkins6077
Conner, Martha E.08/20/189911/27/1985New Bacon479C2Photo Available
Conner, Mary A TolleyAugust 24, 1879March 31, 1939Cavet B ConnerNew Bacon3582Photo Available
Conner, Mary F.April 25, 1902January 14, 1972New Bacon459A2Photo Available
Conner, Mary Irvine23-Mar-189203/22/1985Hopkins613B7
Conner, Mattie PJuly 27, 1904April 4, 1980New Bacon3688Photo Available
Conner, Minerva S.18751942Hopkins5242Photo Available
Conner, Robert LJune 17, 1926May 20, 2002WW II USNBurlington Ind, retiredMcCoy113Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Conner, Russel GraysonSeptember 22, 1904October 2, 1950New Bacon3586
Conner, Sallie C.18591927HopkinsPhoto Available
Conner, Samuel Irvine18951980Hopkins5943
Conner, William Lewis192503/18/1967Hopkins6085
Connevey, Catherine WAugust 7, 1880March 10, 1966New Bacon442B5Photo Available
Connevey, Lillie18521855ChildBacon794Photo Available
Connevey, Mable OdellSeptember 22, 1905November 7, 1983New Bacon442B8Photo Available
Connevey, Maude MankeyJune 16, 1906November 21, 1990New Bacon442B7Photo Available
Connevey, Oscar LeeOctober 20, 1903December 1, 1968New Bacon442B6Photo Available
Connevey, S MJune 26, 1833May 8, 1921Hopkins5561Photo Available
Connevey, Sarah J18471907SM ConneveyHopkins5562Photo Available
Cook, Benjamin HunterJuly 1, 1950July 7, 2005Bacon112Photo Available
Cook, Eloise GassmanJanuary 31, 1889July 28, 1978James A. CookBacon111
Cook, Francis TempleJuly 1, 1950April 14, 2005Bacon113Photo Available
Cook, J.D. IIIAugust 28, 1948August 1, 2005Bacon1512Photo Available
Cook, J.D. Jr.April 26, 1921August 4, 2005Bacon1512Photo Available
Cook, James A. Jr.August 25, 1917September 26, 1990Temple B. CookEngineer, Inspector at newport newsBacon117Photo Available
Cook, James AlbertNovember 29, 1886March 30, 1945Eloise GassmanCoal DealerBacon111
Cook, Judy BrownOctober 6, 1943February 18, 2011New Bacon1582Photo Available
Cook, Temple BassOctober 17, 1910June 21, 1993Cook, James A. JrBacon118Photo Available
Coolidge, Gretchen WeaverOctober 15, 1922October 25, 1988Lewis2606.5
Coppage, Ada RheaJuly 10, 1907Lewis3335Photo Available
Copper, Basil EarlOctober 29, 1901August 28, 1903ChildNew Bacon2935Photo Available
Copper, Beatrice MayNovember 10, 1902February 9, 1987New Bacon2934Photo Available
Copper, Dorothy SnowNovember 6, 1908December 26, 1936Lewis15112Photo Available
Copper, Elizabeth D. DeV19091992William Thomas CopperLewis151.58Photo Available
Copper, Hugh L.November 12, 1905June 4, 1967Lewis15111
Copper, James McCowanDecember 1, 1865June 8, 1941New Bacon2932Photo Available
Copper, John TFebruary 1, 1938July 25, 2010Lewis1516
Copper, Mary BeardDecember 26, 1874May 19, 1963Lewis15110
Copper, R. Arnold DeV19341992Lewis151.59Photo Available
Copper, Rosa M.February 3, 1875February 14, 1948New Bacon2933Photo Available
Copper, Thomas J.April 14, 1877August 2, 1948Lewis1519Photo Available
Copper, William TApril 2, 1907February 6, 1989Elizabeth DeV CopperLewis151.57Photo Available
Cornelius, Charles P.18781937Hopkins6116
Cornelius, Charles Phillip185012/28/1918Hopkins6113
Cornelius, E. F.18981909Hopkins6112
Cornelius, V. J.19491920Hopkins6114
Cornelius, William L.3/17/1911 2/28/1921Hopkins6111
Cornett, Kenneth HJuly 4, 1931March 17, 2013Vietnam USNMcCoy428
Corse, Dorothy Louise DavisMay 16, 1913April 18, 2001Lewis1914Photo Available
Corse, Elise SemmesMarch 12, 1872August 7, 1946Montgomery B. CorseLewis1913
Corse, Montgomery BeverlyMay 8, 1866April 29, 1931Lewis1912Photo Available
Corse, Thomas Middleton SemmesJuly 3, 1911December 20, 1995Lewis1914Photo Available
Couch, Martha A18491923White849Photo Available
Coulouris, Nicholas J.November 26, 1906July 16, 1983New Bacon482Photo Available
Couper, John LeeFebruary 29, 1916March 3, 2000WW II USANew Bacon1371Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Cousins, Sena BlackwellJuly 29, 1897February 5, 1973Hopkins581B2Photo Available
Covert, Audra CamdenDecember 11, 1916April 8, 1997New Bacon941Photo Available
Covington, Frank L.19051970Lewis5496
Covington, Lucie R.19071971Lewis5496
Covington, Patsy Ann WardDecember 29, 1948April 5, 2012McCoy538Photo Available
Cox, Charles LeslieJuly 3, 1926March 7, 1957WW II USALewis5645Photo Available
Cox, GraceOctober 2, 1870August 11, 1872ChildWhite11A8Photo Available
Cox, infant sonApril 18, 1902April 20, 1902ChildLewis1821
Cox, Minnie ConnerJune 8, 1919April 17, 1999Lewis5646Photo Available
Craighill, Loyd Rutherford1886March 13, 1971Bishop, Nanking ChinaBacon17A2Photo Available
Craighill, Marion Gardner1890February 1982Loyd CraighillMissionary, ChinaBacon17A1Photo Available
Crane, Adelaide Lore GillOctober 3, 1872February 6, 1948New Bacon3202Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Crane, Horatio Nelson18591933New Bacon3201Photo Available
Crawford, Adrian Ballard1882August 9, 1955Lewis1402Photo Available
Crawford, Carrie Hogue18821923Lewis1405Photo Available
Crawford, Charles EdwardMay 11, 1886February 4, 1920Lewis3037Photo Available
Crawford, Charles McClungJanuary 21, 1864September 21, 1930Emma L. Marks CrawfordLewis3032EPhoto Available
Crawford, Elizabeth BookerApril 7, 1915April 16, 1915InfantLewis1404Photo Available
Crawford, Emma MarksSeptember 10, 1865March 29, 1925Charles McClung CrawfordLewis3032EPhoto Available
Crawford, Estell MaeDecember 23, 1930February 19, 2015Yeager36Photo Available
Crawford, G.D.N/ASeptember 9, 1858Kesiah HamiltonWhite6A1Photo Available
Crawford, George W.N/AN/ACSALewis1403Photo Available
Crawford, John ClineFebruary 12, 1931September 28, 1996Estelle Swisher CrawfordRoy, Linda Knick,Wanda Ramsey, Patsy Henderson, Norma HousmanBeatrice Foods, retiredYeager35Photo Available
Crawford, John F.April 1, 1829November 28, 1900CSAMary C. Quisenberry CrawfordCarpenterLewis30315Photo Available
Crawford, John H.September 28, 1891December 6, 1957Charles M. and Emma L. Marks CrawfordLewis3035Photo Available
Crawford, Mary BerthaJanuary 12, 1897March 3, 1952Lewis3036
Crawford, Mary C.March 2, 1856John F. CrawfordLewis3031NPhoto Available
Crawford, William A.19061946Edna Mason CrawfordBarber Lewis3036.5Photo Available
Creel, Mary W.January 1961April 6, 1961ChildNew Bacon2424
Crenshaw, Marjorie Burford06/14/191201/07/1994New Bacon483A2Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Crenshaw, Ollinger05/09/190403/19/1970New Bacon483A1Photo Available
Cress, Georgie O.May 17, 1914John Graham CressLewis3222Photo Available
Cress, John GrahamJanuary 8, 1836October 1,1899CSAGeorgie O. CressFarmerLewis3221Photo Available
Crewdson, Lois Ellen Perkins10/14/1934noneNew Bacon493A2Photo Available
Crewdson, Robert Henry, Dr.01/29/1933noneDoctorNew Bacon493A1Photo Available
Crigler, Daniel ADecember 18, 1825March 2, 1906CSAMary Jane CriglerLewis1521Photo Available
Crigler, Laura Virginia18611948Lewis1523Photo Available
Crigler, Mary F. Crawford18481935Lewis1406Photo Available
Crigler, Mary JaneN/AMarch 1, 1878Daniel A CriglerLewis1522Photo Available
Crigler, Rose Deaver18601894Lewis1524Photo Available
Crigler, William Lewis18561942Lewis1525Photo Available
Criser, infant1917Hopkins55810Photo Available
Crist, Arthur R.September 23, 1892November 4, 19651. Margaret E Duscon, 2. Lula BreedloveBacon71Photo Available
Crist, Carl DennisFebruary 18, 1900March 23, 1967Margaret B. Crist Lewis3194.1Photo Available
Crist, Charles H.November 6, 1943November 25, 1943ChildBacon75
Crist, Clara CuppMarch 6, 1893July 23, 1962Claude W. CristLewis3201E
Crist, Claude W.February 26, 1894July 25, 1944Clara Cup CristLewis3201E
Crist, Claude W. JrMarch 12, 1917April 11, 1997Lewis3202Photo Available
Crist, David HenryJune 11, 1860August 22, 1944Bacon102B5Photo Available
Crist, Isabel MoranMay 13, 1859July 2, 1922James R. CristBacon71Photo Available
Crist, James R.December 31, 1849November 4, 1921Isabel Moran CristBacon71Photo Available
Crist, John D.June 27, 1852June 13, 1925Mary A. Fultz CristFarmerLewis3201E
Crist, John WilliamSeptember 13, 1880December 11,1915Bacon71 & 4Photo Available
Crist, KathleenNovember 7, 1915July 15, 1918O. B. and A. B. CristchildLewis3198Photo Available
Crist, Lucy French18631953Thomas Alfred CristLewis3191Photo Available
Crist, Margaret B.February 23, 1902May 13, 1966Carl Dennis CristLewis3194.2Photo Available
Crist, Margaret L.April 11, 1932November 11, 1945Bacon76
Crist, Mary A. FultzNovember 23, 1894November 20, 1923John D. CristLewis3201E
Crist, Oscar BennettJune 29, 1890August 22, 1948Augusta B. CristLewis3195Photo Available
Crist, Oscar Bennett Jr.March 15, 1927December 24, 1998Bacon1471Photo Available
Crist, Robert BernardJanuary 31, 1895October 8, 1896Thomas Alfred and Lucy French CristchildLewis3196Photo Available
Crist, Sallie Blanch19021908Bacon102A1Photo Available
Crist, Sarah Frances DrainMay 17, 1861March 28, 1942Bacon102B6Photo Available
Crist, Shirley F. HarnishFebruary 26, 1929April 19, 2010Bacon1471Photo Available
Crist, Thomas Alfred18541915Lucy French CristLewis3191Photo Available
Crist, VirginiaFebruary 23, 1918February 10, 1920O. B. and A. B. CristChildLewis3199Photo Available
Crittenden, Edward WrightAugust 7, 1949Auguast 8,1949ChildLewis284-28512Photo Available
Cronan, JohnN/AAugust 28, 1860White1132
Cumings, AlexanderOctober 10, 1819January 16, 1841White20A7Photo Available
Cumings, Caroline NFebruary 20, 1834June 24, 1837ChildWhite20A8Photo Available
Cumings, JamesN/ANovember 7, 1831White1A88Photo Available
Cumings, Phebe S. C.November 10, 1821December 16, 1822ChildWhite20A8 and 17Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Cumings, RachelN/ASeptember 7, 1815White1A87Photo Available
Cummings, Carl HannahNovember 27, 1915November 8, 1990WW II USA, Master SergeantMary Greer CummingsGreer Cummings Stene, Carlene Cummings AmaroPresident & CEO of Pioneer Mutual Insurance CoYeager94Photo Available
Cummings, Charles FletcherMay 8, 1875January 23, 1942New Bacon2731Photo Available
Cummings, Ethel D.April 6, 1898January 19, 1987New Bacon2734Photo Available
Cummings, Eugenia PJune 12, 1905July 30, 1958New Bacon360A4
Cummings, Howard W. "Hugh"18831911Hopkins6664Photo Available
Cummings, John Will18851933Hopkins666Photo Available
Cummings, Margaret ShepardSeptember 15, 1873February 14, 1952New Bacon2732Photo Available
Cummings, Mary Frances09/10/191509/05/2010New Bacon479A4Photo Available
Cummings, Mary GreerAugust 25, 1915March 31, 2002Carl Hannah CummingsGreer Cummings Stene, Carlene Cummings AmaroYeager101Photo Available
Cummings, Minnie18661928Hopkins6665Photo Available
Cummings, Nettie AgnorSeptember 16, 1911April 26, 2002New Bacon245B7Photo Available
Cummings, Ray MadisonMarch 15, 1912October 24, 1971New Bacon245B6Photo Available
Cummings, Russell Madison03/01/190904/07/1967New Bacon479A3Photo Available
Cummings, Ruth I.May 6, 1911February 26, 1984New Bacon2735Photo Available
Cummings, Sallie CarterFebruary 10, 1888August 16, 1965New Bacon245B5Photo Available
Cummins, George LacySeptember 11, 1886May 9, 1951Hopkins5745Photo Available
Cummins, Gladys M.August 3, 1895May 31, 1974Hopkins5746Photo Available
Cundiff, Louise TurnerMarch 16, 1928February 13, 2015Yeager626Photo Available
Cunningham, Ann ElizabethMay 22, 1812May 27, 1838William M. CunninghamWhite19A9Photo Available
Cunningham, Arden L.December 25, 1909August 26, 1988New Bacon452B7Photo Available
Cunningham, Hattie E.February 3, 1890November 16, 1985New Bacon452B6Photo Available
Cunningham, Michael J.November 22, 1951October 22, 2008New Bacon1564
Cunningham, Ooary LeeSeptember 4, 1885May 12, 1976New Bacon452B5Photo Available
Cunningham, Robert WhiteN/AN/AInfantWhite19A10
Cupp, Bettie AJanuary 19, 1868August 7, 1875Lewis1416Photo Available
Cupp, James BertMarch 16, 1911October 24, 1983Mausoleum1Photo Available
Cupp, Lois KathleenSeptember 30, 1894July 1, 1898ChildWhite9310Photo Available
Cupp, Walter PJuly 8, 1874August 21, 1875Lewis1415
Curran, James B.03/28/192911/14/1994Hopkins6304
Currell, Sarah CarringtonSeptember 19, 1890May 10, 1955White1A124
Currell, Sarah Scott CarringtonDecember 16, 1863February 1, 1940William Spenser CurrellSarah Carrington Currell, Susan McDowell CurrellWhite1A117
Currell, Susan McDowellJuly 1, 1889July 4, 1970School teacherWhite1A124.5
Currell, William SpenserMay 13, 1858July 17, 1943Sarah Scott Carrington CurrellSarah Carrington Currell, Susan McDowell CurrellProf of English W&L, Pres U. of S.C.White1A118
Curry, Amanda E. DormanSeptember 12, 1828August 13, 1858David P. CurryWhite151Photo Available
Curry, Manly LamarMay 18, 1905February 6, 2000WW II Korea USMCNew Bacon447B4Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Curry, Sarah PhillipsJune 10, 1856White103Photo Available
Dabney, William OliverMay 12, 1832June 18, 1850White21A30Photo Available
Dahl, Robert RoySeptember 6, 1923July 31, 2005WWII, USArmyBetty DahlYeager618Photo Available
Daily, Sarah E.N/AFebruary 3, 1887White861Photo Available
Dale, Bertha PooleyMarch 24, 1895August 24, 1960Lewis5584Photo Available
Dale, Curtis LeeApril 9, 1907September 8, 2006WW II USNNew Bacon803Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Dale, Fred PaxtonSeptember 19, 1910March 2, 1980WW II USANew Bacon3984Photo Available
Dale, Helen C.May 1, 1921September 26, 2009New Bacon921Photo Available
Dale, Ida HintyNovember 9, 1869February 12, 1946New Bacon3983Photo Available
Dale, James MAugust 13, 1872November 7, 1946New Bacon3982Photo Available
Dale, James WilliamDecember 30, 1921June 6, 1983WW II USANew Bacon485Photo Available
Dale, LeeMarch 5, 1882November 12, 1957Lewis5673Photo Available
Dale, Margaret M.April 4, 1927October 16, 2013New Bacon487Photo Available
Dale, Mary SusanOctober 11, 1886January 11, 1984Lewis5674Photo Available
Dale, Oscar Lee (Pete)February 27, 1920December 11, 1986WW II USNWayne L. Dale, Larry T. Dale, Jerry A. Dale, Diana OylerU.S. Navy, Grocery clerkMcCoy46Photo Available
Dale, Roger LeeFebruary 17, 1927October 13, 1986WW II USANew Bacon486Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Dale, Roy HintySeptember 20, 1900April 3, 1977New Bacon3985Photo Available
Dale, RussellApril 3, 1912November 14, 1989WW II USANew Bacon921Photo Available
Dale, Susie WillsFebruary 19, 1912June 4, 1980New Bacon3986Photo Available
Dale, Walter LeeMarch 29, 1893May 29, 1950Lewis5583
Daniel, Garland S.February 16, 1900March 26, 1963New Bacon275A1Photo Available
Daniel, Mary AliceSeptember 14, 1924January 7, 1989New Bacon275B7Photo Available
Daniel, Ruth NappApril 19, 1903October 19, 2003New Bacon275A2Photo Available
Daniel,. Infant sonJanuary 19,1947New Bacon275A3Photo Available
Darst, Benjamin Sr.1760October 6, 1835RevolutionPolly Darst ChandlerWhite1A16Photo Available
Darst, Nancy M.N/AAugust 28, 1835Samuel DarstWhite14A8Photo Available
Daves, AdelaideApril 4, 1905June 10, 1947New Bacon854
Daves, Ralph L.December 8, 1901February 4, 1988New Bacon853Photo Available
Daves, Sutro W.19051997New Bacon856Photo Available
Davidson, Addie McChesney BrownJanuary 26, 1872November 4, 1962Hopkins562B6Photo Available
Davidson, Albert18411865CSAWhite331Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Davidson, Andrew Baker17791861MinisterWhite161
Davidson, Charles A18391879CSAWhite331Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Davidson, Charles G18331834White331Photo Available
Davidson, Charles HydeMarch 28, 1872January 23, 1933Hopkins562B5Photo Available
Davidson, Charles Hyde JrNovember 1, 1909June 21, 1971WW II USNHopkins562B7Photo Available
Davidson, E. M.N/ASeptember 23, 1919John DavidsonWhite1014Photo Available
Davidson, Ellen ChubbNovember 4, 1913February 6, 1978New Bacon1102Photo Available
Davidson, Frank S.September 2, 1929March 26, 1988White10113Photo Available
Davidson, Frederick18361861CSAWhite331Photo Available
Davidson, Gertie WoodsonApril 12, 1877October 24, 1880White1012Photo Available
Davidson, Givens K.N/ANovember 6, 1868CSAWhite10110Photo Available
Davidson, Greenlee18341863CSAWhite331Photo Available
Davidson, Hannah E.N/AJuly 8, 1893White10111Photo Available
Davidson, Hannah McC Greenlee18121889James Dorman DavidsonWhite331Photo Available
Davidson, Infant SonMarch 3, 1921Bacon545Photo Available
Davidson, J. HubertN/AMay 2, 1935White1015Photo Available
Davidson, James Dorman18081882Hannah McG Greenlee DavidsonCharles A, Albert, William W, Mary, Charles G, Greenlee, & Frederick Davidson, Clara EstillWhite331Photo Available
Davidson, James McClinticFebruary 16, 1863June 2, 1940Bacon541
Davidson, James McClinticMarch 6, 1915December 29 1995New Bacon841Photo Available
Davidson, JohnN/ASeptember 5, 1887CSAE.M. DavidsonWhite1013Photo Available
Davidson, John A.January 18, 1917February 11, 1918Bacon544Photo Available
Davidson, John K. JrApril 10, 1926October 26, 1984New Bacon504Photo Available
Davidson, Katherine HogeApril 16, 1877December 19, 1960J. M. DavidsonBacon542Photo Available
Davidson, Katherine HogeOctober 13, 1912December 4, 1986Bacon546Photo Available
Davidson, Lillie Lackey18651951William A. DavidsonBacon625Photo Available
Davidson, Lloyd JohnstonMay 26, 1911September 18, 1990New Bacon1101Photo Available
Davidson, Martha GathrightSeptember 11, 1911November 27, 2005New Bacon842Photo Available
Davidson, MaryN/AJanuary 17, 1894White331
Davidson, MaryN/AJuly 10, 1909White10112Photo Available
Davidson, Nancy R.June 1, 1928September 15, 1993New Bacon503Photo Available
Davidson, Sarah Roberts RichardsonJuly 11, 1920April 20, 2008Charles H Davidson JrHopkins562B8Photo Available
Davidson, SusanN/AJune 6, 1864White1019
Davidson, SusanN/AJuly 17, 1911White1016Photo Available
Davidson, Susie MargaretAugust 1, 1862February 17, 1864White1012Photo Available
Davidson, WilliamN/AJune 30, 1873White1018Photo Available
Davidson, William A.18661928Lillie Margaret LackeyBacon621Photo Available
Davidson, William JrN/ASeptember 11, 1889CSAWhite1017
Davidson, William W18441869CSAWhite331Photo Available
Davin, AmelieN/AJune 22, 1883infantLewis1782Photo Available
Davin, Irma CatherineN/AMay 22, 1888infantLewis1781Photo Available
Davin, Leoncie HenrietteN/AMay 5, 1881childLewis1781Photo Available
Davis Anna Agnes18961949Hopkins604A2
Davis, Allen E.08/04/191504/12/1959Hopkins6299
Davis, Andrew M.19241937Hopkins604A3
Davis, Ann Marie Cobb06/27/192001/17/2006New Bacon5032Photo Available
Davis, Anne GilliamNovember 17, 1882May 6,1961Campbell and Glover80B8Photo Available
Davis, Annie Winston9/17/189510/14/1936HopkinsPhoto Available
Davis, Bessie Leckey1881June 5, 1965Bacon371Photo Available
Davis, Charles A.18751940Hopkins6121
Davis, Curtis Eugene Jr.02/08/192903/23/2000New Bacon5031Photo Available
Davis, DavidCampbell and Glover11
Davis, Eddie M. Sr. "Pops"9/2/19291/25/1998HopkinsPhoto Available
Davis, Edna ROtober 27, 1911November 15, 1997New Bacon357B3Photo Available
Davis, Elizabeth WilsonAugust 15, 1835December 30, 1918S. Hammer DavisWhite20A4Photo Available
Davis, Fletcher ClevelandJuly 27, 1884March 28, 1955Campbell and Glover80B7Photo Available
Davis, Flora M.14mar190509/16/1970New Bacon480B3Photo Available
Davis, Frank JMarch 20, 1910September 15, 1968New Bacon357B2Photo Available
Davis, George William1/22/18956/19/1967HopkinsPhoto Available
Davis, Hansford HarlanJune 30, 1894October 27, 1986WW I USANew Bacon1291
Davis, Hugh B.16mar190506/02/1905New Bacon480B4Photo Available
Davis, James Kyle1/16/19192/1/1919s/o GW & AW DavisHopkinsPhoto Available
Davis, John E.18731935Malinda M. DavisLewis2133EPhoto Available
Davis, Lula CristFebruary 28, 1873March 24, 1946New Bacon361A8Photo Available
Davis, Mae Elizabeth189003/05/1968Hopkins6124
Davis, Malinda M.18821966John E. DavisLewis2133EPhoto Available
Davis, MargaretN/AFebruary 6, 1871White138Photo Available
Davis, Mary Etta PriceJanuary 9, 1878June 25, 1950Bacon512Photo Available
Davis, Matthew EMarch 27, 1871June 6, 1939New Bacon361B6Photo Available
Davis, Minerva Gray18751920Hopkins6122
Davis, Moranda18921918Bacon792Photo Available
Davis, Olive I. ConneveyJanuary 8, 1873January 1, 1969Bacon793Photo Available
Davis, Oliver RoyMay 25, 1895April 6, 1944USALewis4221
Davis, Ottie ClydeMarch 5, 1898December 18, 1988WW I USANew Bacon38B4Photo AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Davis, Reuben Frank MD18861918Bacon371Photo Available
Davis, Robert Lee1/17/19137/31/1970SGT, US Army, WW IIHopkinsPhoto Available
Davis, Sallie L1887February 25, 1964Lewis4222
Davis, Sallie MargaretJune 2, 1900September 8, 1981New Bacon361B7Photo Available
Davis, Sally A.1837noneHopkinsPhoto AvailablePhoto Available (2)
Davis, Samuel L.18661929Bacon291Photo Available
Davis, Sandra LeighAugust 31, 1960August 10, 1979Bacon1291Photo Available
Davis, Thelma GraceJune 1, 1902December 30, 1996New Bacon1292Photo Available
Davis, Thomas C.November 6, 1934June 26, 1998Bacon1291Photo Available
Davis, Virginia M.December 17, 1911October 24, 1999New Bacon38B2Photo Available
Davis, William ColeOctober 7, 1882February 23, 1958PhysicianNew Bacon442Photo Available
Davis, William Edward18701930Bacon511Photo Available
Davis, William GoffNovember 9, 1946July 7, 2013New Bacon4455
Davis, William PriceMay 10, 1896May 26, 1919Bacon513
Davis, William S.4/22/186904/27/1916HopkinsPhoto Available
Davis, Winnie Lewis03/05/191803/10/1918Hopkins6123
Day, Agnes Strubel1862May 15, 1941New Bacon2784Photo Available
Day, Aileen H.18921974New Bacon2781Photo Available
Day, Anne BrookeOctober 15, 1912March 9, 1983New Bacon3387Photo Available
Day, Benjamin Clark1877October 4, 1924New Bacon2784Photo Available
Day, Benjamin Clark Jr1877October 4, 1964New Bacon2784
Day, Ernestine Albery18771932P. B. DayNew Bacon2783Photo Available
Day, Fairy B. CammackJuly 14, 1869February 4, 1918George S. DayLewis5502Photo Available
Day, George S.18691926Fairy B. Cammack DayLewis5501Photo Available
Day, Lavinia MOctober 19, 1867June 28, 1943